3 Safe Alternative Methods of Hair Removal

Unwanted body hair can be a hassle to eliminate. Shaving can be inefficient, painful or even impractical in sensitive areas. If you’re craving buttery-smooth skin, consider one of the following treatments to quickly remove excess body hair.

Laser Treatments

Specialized lasers can be used to zap away unwanted hair. This is typically only available in spas, salons or at dermatologists’ offices. Though it might sound scary, any laser hair removal spa Manhattan is equipped with modern laser hair removal technology to make the process as quick and painless as possible. Some recipients of the treatment report minor pain associated with the process, but in general, the pain is mild and temporary. Most facilities have treatments for the pain, such as cryotherapy (cool air) or numbing creams to prevent discomfort. Although laser hair removal requires multiple professional treatments, it will ultimately provide some of the longest-lasting results of any hair removal method, eliminating more than eighty percent of treated hair for years.


Waxing is an efficient hair removal option to have done in a salon, although it’s also possible to purchase home waxing kits. You might already be familiar with hot wax treatments, but hair removal can also be done with special prepared sticky wax strips that are used at room temperature, eliminating any possibility of burns. Waxing can only be done on hair that is at least a quarter of an inch thick to ensure that the wax can adhere to the hair, so keep this in mind before you schedule an appointment. Some people report mild pain and irritation from waxing, but as with laser hair removal, post-treatment creams are available to minimize discomfort. Results vary, but waxing generally gives you hair-free skin for three to six weeks.

Hair Removal Creams

Hair removal creams, sprays or gels work by dissolving the base of hairs, weakening them so they can be broken off and wiped away. Even if you’ve tried this method before and have been turned off by strange-smelling products, consider giving this method another try. Modern hair removal creams have low to almost no bad odor. Many new formulations are even safe for sensitive skin as well, as gentler creams result in a pain-free experience for most users. With most hair removal creams, you can expect smooth skin for about two to three days.

If you’re looking to have silky, fuzz-free skin, consider trying a new hair removal method. Smooth skin is well within your reach, it just takes a little bit of investment and experimentation to find the right hair removal method for you.