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Phoenix Asher Holmes: Phoenix, a neuroscience researcher, shares insights about the brain, mental health, and cognitive enhancement techniques.

Can Tooth Decay Really Cause Heart Problems?

In the past years, the medical community has been adamant in finding out if there is a correlation between having gum disease and a cardiovascular issue. Recent studies have found out that people with poor oral health (like having tooth decay) are more likely to develop heart-related problems. This isRead More

What is In the Future for a Nurse?

It takes a whole team of experts to have a tendency to the nation’s healthcare requirements, as well as nurses, are the cornerstone that maintains the health care system running. They offer the mass of day-to-day treatment, act as intermediaries between clients and doctors, and in many cases, also fillRead More

Female to male sex reassignment surgery

This surgery is also known as gender affirmation surgery. The surgery also includes the removal of breasts and increasing the buttock size (depends upon the patient’s preference). The surgery includes three main stages, first is the removal of the uterus that is also called a hysterectomy, second is the removalRead More


The world’s trends support that ideal that having a chiseled and proportional jawline could be sign of good health or a fit body. But that is not always true, many healthy individuals struggle with getting a contoured jawline. The elder individuals in the race face this problem demographically as comparedRead More

Eye surgery – eyelid and eye correction surgery

Without eyes, no one can see this world and colors. So it would be best if you take care of your eyes. Many people get irritated by their low eyesight. They are using spectacles for many years. After some years, they think about the surgery of the eyes, but thenRead More

The ultimate guide to knowing about the types of CBD vape cartridges and their contents

The CBD vape cartridges are attaining its rapid growth and popularity among the new cannabis consumers. This is because of the qualities of cartridges like portability, discreet and usually having less pungent. These qualities make the cartridges to be the top-selling products in the world. In this article, you willRead More

Full Understanding of the fertility Issues

Too often the right hormones, sperm stimulation, in vitro fertilization and facilitating implantation are not enough. 1: 6 couples have an unfulfilled desire for children and needs more than 2 years to become pregnant. The chance of success of active fertility trajectories is around 30%. Going for IVF therefore offersRead More

General Things About Early Menopause

Low estrogen level is the fundamental driver of untimely menopause. We meet, increasingly more frequently, ladies that are more youthful than 45, in difficulty of carrying on with an ordinary life on account of the early menopause. Despite the fact that the particular age for menopause is around 50 yearsRead More

4 Gynecological Problems to Know About

A woman’s body undergoes numerous changes during the entire reproduction lifetime. You can also be sure that gyne issues will continue to rise from time to time. Most common problems that may encounter during the reproductive years are: 1-Heavy or Irregular Menstrual Bleeding Menstrual periods can last up to fiveRead More

A Breakdown of Entourage Oil Components and Their Effects

There has been a lot of recent publicity regarding Entourage Oil products and their reputed Entourage Effect benefits. As more and more scientific research emerge that support the reality and the efficacy behind Entourage Effect, more and more people who are looking for alternative therapies are looking at the usageRead More