Everything To Know About Cheap Ounce Deals Ottawa

In Ottawa, users can get cheap ounce deals for weed, marijuana, and other such products. So, here’s everything you need to know about the best products that are available.

Rolling Paper (Zig Zag)

This product is very cheap. It costs only 4 dollars. The paper size is 70mm * 38mm. The quantity is thirty-two papers per booklet.

THC Vape Pen

This product comes under the brand QNTM. These QNTM rechargeable vape pens are designed specifically with ceramic coils. They are for perfect consumption of the distillate of THC. The sleek design can allow patients to medicate easily & discreetly anywhere they want. Every vape pen can carry one full gram of THC distillate that is premium. You will need to remove the cap that is at the bottom for revealing a quick port of a micro-USB to recharge.


This strain is considered a cross between Miracle Alien Cookies or MAC & OG Kush. This MAC OG is one Indica dominant hybrid thatpacks some amount of gas along with a delicious terpene profile of MAC. If you are a cannabis consumer who is old school, you must know that anything that is OG will easily get you where it is needed. Mac OG is a strain that is Instagram-worthy. It has eye-popping gorgeous buds which are nearly white & drenched in milky trichomes. This product comes with one funky, creamy and smooth terpene profile that you can enjoy each day and night.

Clementine (AAA)

This is a dominant Sativa hybrid strain. It is created through one cross between the Lemon Skunk strains and Tangie which is insanely delicious. This tasty bud captured 2nd place for the best Sativa concentrate in the year 2015 in the high Times’ cup of cannabis in Michigan. The reason is its enticing flavor & even more effects that are alluring. As the name suggests, Clementine gets a greatlydelicious flavor of citrusy and sweet orange with an earthy aftertaste. The scent has been told to be like going through orange groves just after rainfall. There is a rich earthiness that is accented by sharp sweet citrus. The high of Clementine is both relaxing and uplifting in nature. It pulls both Sativa and Indica effects. Although it may tend to lean heavily upon the side of Sativa. It starts with an uplifting as well as euphoric effect which launches your mood of yours into the clouds &leaves you feeling happy insanely with one sense of motivation and focus. It is accompanied by a one relaxing mellow feeling which permeates throughout your entire body of yours. It leaves you completely at ease and calm. It affects in the combination with the powerful 17 to 19% average level of THC.

It makes Clementine ideal for getting rid of conditions that are mild to moderate nausea, chronic stress, tension headaches, migraine, chronic fatigue, depression, etc. This bud consists of bright yellow tight spade-shaped super dense nugs with orange hairs that are sparse and bright & a thick frosty coating of tiny trichomes.

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