Eyelid Rejuvenation: Laser Or Surgery?

Important considerations in eyelid rejuvenation | ASPS

Restoring a youthful look is one of the most rewarding interventions. But how do we go about it? Surgery or the laser, which is starting to make room for aesthetics?

Laser Technology In Detail

The aesthetic doctor uses a plexr laser (a contraction of plasma and excision). It proceeds by successive impacts, to create a line of lesion points on the ptosis eyelid (หนังตาตก, which is the term in Thai). The “microwells” heal by shrinking, which tightens the skin and gives radiance to the eyes. The results are visible immediately afterwards and improve as the wound heals. Three or four sessions spaced a month apart, may be necessary.

  • The advantages: It is a non-invasive method which does not require any special preparation. The consequences are light. There is no bleeding, but the formation of small crusts that makeup reduces. It is therefore not necessary to be absent from work.


  • The disadvantages: It is a surface treatment which nevertheless prohibits sun exposure until complete healing. Complications are rare, but we can sometimes see skin lesions or observe discoloration at the level of the impacts.

Surgery Screened

After a preoperative visit and a meeting with the anesthesiologist, local anesthesia is performed. The surgeon removes the excess skin, then sutures with a very fine thread. It can also fill in a dark circle or a very deep fold on the upper eyelid by injecting fat cells (lipofilling) taken from the patient’s body. The final result is visible after three months until the tissues regain their flexibility.

  • The advantages: The results are lasting, about ten years. And it is possible to re-operate. Complications are rare and can be corrected without a problem.


  • The disadvantages: Thanks to the new scalpels (using the electric current), the bleeding is reduced and the bruises, very discreet. However, we must keep sons for a short week. A few days of rest are welcome.

However, the laser technique is part of aesthetic medicine, but not all practitioners are experienced in this method. To find a surgeon near you, search directories posted by professional societies.