How Is an Implant Installed?

Everyone needs to take care of their oral health and some individuals may require a dental implant. An implant is a dental tool that is meant to take the place of a regular tooth. Some of the reasons why someone might require a dental implant include broken or damaged teeth along with teeth that might have been missing from birth. There are a few steps that the dentist will take to install an implant.

Assess The Health of The Jaw

An implant is going to be rooted in the jaw. Therefore, the jaw needs to be healthy enough to accept the implant. The dentist is going to take some pictures of the jaw. These images will be taken from multiple angles. He or she will then assess the overall bone density of the jaw. This might include detailed measurements as he or she tries to find a strong spot in which to place the implant. If the jaw is too thin, it might not be strong enough to hold the implant in place. If this is the case, bone grafts can be used to improve the jaw’s strength.

Insert The Screw

If the jaw is healthy enough to hold the implant, the next step will be installing the screw. The Journal of Implantology provides information on the various types of screws; however, titanium is one of the most popular metals. The surgeon will peel back the gum tissue, revealing the jaw underneath. Then, delicate tools will be used to place the screw in the jaw. The surgeon will ensure the screw is rooted firmly in place. Finally, gum tissue is taken from the roof of the mouth to cover the jaw.

Apply The Cap

Once the metal rod is in place, the dentist will apply the cap. The cap is designed to match the appearance of a native tooth. Therefore, patients often whiten their teeth before the procedure. While regular teeth will stain over time, the cap will not. For this reason, many patients want to get their teeth as white as possible before the cap is applied. Finally, the dentist will take a look at the finished product to ensure that everything is lined up appropriately.

Take Care of the Implant

Implants are meant to function as regular teeth. They should not fall out and they can handle any food or drink. Take care of them just like any other tooth.