Legislating Preventative Healthcare Is really a Fantasy

Since President Barack Obama first began speaking about healthcare reform, politicians happen to be speaking about preventative medicine by legislation, but it is all bogus.

Our President stated “To put it simply, even without the a radical shift towards prevention and public health, we won’t be effective in that contains medical costs or improving the healthiness of the United states citizens.” For me, he’s directly on. John McCain agreed with him, and stated that by emphasizing prevention we are able to cut healthcare costs.

However , this concept of legislating preventative medicine to be able to reduce healthcare costs and improve the healthiness of Americans is really a complete fantasy. To begin with, you must know that the things they were speaking about was national healthcare reform, and just what we’ve got if this was all stated and done has become known as the “Patient Protection and cost-effective Care Act,” also referred to as the PPACA.

People should realize that the PPACA isn’t about healthcare whatsoever. It comes down to medical health insurance. There is a difference. In addition, there’s no healthcare model presently operated by any insurance provider which has anything related to preventative medicine. Preventative medicine doesn’t presently exist in all forms that may be supplied by an insurer, hospital or government.

Kaiser is presently trying is the insurance provider that’s connected with prevention, what will they really do? They saturate the airwaves with commercials where Peggy Bundy discusses particularly and yoga, however when was the final time Kaiser made you consume a blueberry, or forced you to definitely do yoga? It can make for any great, feel-good PR campaign, but exactly how will these commercials for something that can not be supplied by an insurer improve the healthiness of Americans or cut healthcare costs such as the politicians described when making healthcare reform?

Disease prevention is not related to medicine or hospitals, and for that reason nothing related to medical health insurance, that is a misnomer to begin with, since insurance only pays when you’re sick or hurt, and may be known as sick insurance.

Incidentally, mammograms, prostate exams along with other screening tests, although advisable, aren’t preventative medicine. Mammograms don’t prevent cancer of the breast anymore than x-sun rays prevent damaged ankles. Diagnosing an illness continuing will enhance your treatment outcomes, however is not prevention, why shall we be calling it that?

Prevention is all about not getting an illness or condition to begin with. Disease is avoided with a person’s lifestyle, and lifestyle is really a choice. Do not take my word for this. Nearly every medical physician concurs which more than 90% of Medicare costs come from just a number of problems that are avoidable, and perhaps even reversible with proper choices when it comes to diet and fitness. The federal government is incompetent at legislating our choices, and for that reason not able to legislate prevention.

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