PDF files also known as Portable Document format is a file format that encompasses all the elements of a printed document in form of an electronic image that can be viewed, printed, navigated or forwarded to other people (devices).

PDF files are capable of containing more than one image, in which each can be enlarged or reduced by zooming in and out of the image.

In order to view PDF files certain apps must be used. The commonly used app for viewing PDF files is the Adobe pdf reader. The application is also created by the creators of the PDF file format.

Uses of PDF files

  • PDF files are desired in graphic design development where members of a team work at a distance from one another and require to explore designs on the internet.
  • They are used in certain documents such as magazine articles, flyers or product brochures in which the original graphic appearance is targeted to be preserved.
  • PDF files are very suited for web display as they present text before hypertext links and graphic images.
  • They assist desk users to view printed book assesses by users.
  • PDF files are capable of not just preserving images found in documents but as well as embed type fonts and can also preserve interactive elements of document such as buttons for entry of forms and sound triggers.
  • They are used for online dissemination of documents to be printed as the printed appearance or look will be preserved.

Word documents are editable documents that focus on the creation and editing of typed document.

Uses of word documents

  • Word documents are used by writers who wish to create content in their niche.
  • It is also used by journalists, secretaries and other individuals who wish to create a typed document.
  • The documents can also be used in the editing of PDF files. However, the PDF files have to be converted first to word documents before the editing can commence.
  • Word format can be used to design word texts through the use of word art.
  • The format of the documents also paves a way for easy typing as it is incorporated with an automatic editing feature as well as an intelligent suggestion features for error correction.

Interconversion of PDF and Word documents

Being an editable format, word documents can be used to edit PDF files. This can be done by changing the PDF to word doc. The document can then be edited and changed back to a PDF file. This can be done by the use of online converters and other apps that support the process.

Word documents can also be converted to PDF files in order to preserve the quality of the images in the document and for to preserve the content of the document. Hence, word documents are mostly converted into PDF files before being used on web pages.

Word documents are unsuitable as evidence in the court because they leave electronic prints, hence, PDF files are used instead.