Preparing for Gastric Sleeve Surgery: Things You Must Know

Gastric sleeve surgery works by reducing the size of a person’s stomach, converting it into a small banana-shaped stomach structure, also called as a “sleeve”. This inhibits the habit of hogging on food and makes you feel full more quickly. There are several premium medical professionals who deal in the gastric sleeve in Mexico. The surgery is highly considered by those who are tired of trying out ways to shed those extra pounds from the body and could not achieve desirable results.

If you have made up your mind to proceed with this method, it is also necessary to know that preparing for gastric sleeve surgery also holds great importance. This also involves getting yourself ready for a long-term commitment to achieving effective results. Let us look at some practical tips that will enhance your opting experience to undergo gastric sleeve surgery.

How To Prepare For Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

  • Essential Changes In The Diet

Making required changes in the diet is an important part of preparing for gastric sleeve surgery. The doctor will advise you to start making necessary changes in the diet two weeks before the date of your treatment. You will be advised to go under an all-liquid diet that will help in shrinking the size of your liver. This leads to easy access to your stomach.

  • Cut The Carbs

It is highly advisable to increase protein, vitamins, minerals intake, and go low on carbohydrates. The elimination of sugars and saturated fats from your daily routine will prepare your body for post-surgery recovery.

  • Say NO To Smoking

Smoking is injurious to health. It is highly recommended to quit smoking at least a month before your surgery is scheduled. This ensures an alleviated recovery rate and reduced chances of complications.

  • Finalizing The Insurance

If you are all set to undergo treatment for gastric sleeve in Mexico, it is advised to make sure that you have taken care of the finances. You should take up an insurance policy and get done with the paperwork to avoid ending up with unexpected bills.

  • Learn About Gastric Sleeve Surgery

You must learn the ins and outs of gastric sleeve surgery to avoid confusion later on during your treatment. It is natural to feel anxious when it comes to your health, and gastric sleeve surgery is a serious treatment program. So, you must gather all the essential information before proceeding with the treatment.

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