Safety Tips To Adhere After A Plastic Surgery

For a more comfortable and quick rehabilitation, the doctor can recommend several procedures unlike in a gender reassignment surgery. In the very first days after installing the threads, you should turn to microcurrent therapy. This is a mild physiotherapeutic method of exposure to the body by pulsed electric current, in this case, to resolve edema quickly.

A few days later, you can start the procedure advised by the surgeon. With their help, we will improve the effectiveness of skin lifting, removing soreness, and remove residual puffiness. If bruises and bruises appear on the skin after thread lifting, and a woman needs to put herself in order as soon as possible – ahead of a significant event or work involves constant communication with people,

Remember that only the coordinated work of the doctor and patient, the ability to hear and understand each other guarantee an excellent and pronounced effect of thread lifting. The task of the cosmetologist is to carry out the procedure according to the protocol, taking into account the individual anatomical features of the patient. The task of the latter is to maintain and maintain the result, following the recommendations of his doctor.

Even though the rehabilitation after installing the threads is much milder than after plastics, and it requires the implementation of some recommendations.

After Surgery Safety Tips

  1. Do not neglect scheduled examinations of the doctor after the procedure. As a rule, the doctor prescribes the first of them no later than 1-3 days after installing the threads.
  2. Do not remove the patches from the puncture sites yourself, so as not to infect and provoke inflammation. The doctor himself will remove the patches when you come for the first examination.
  3. If possible, eliminate or reduce the use of makeup.
  4. Minimize physical activity.
  5. Exclude visits to the bath, sauna, and solarium for at least two weeks.
  6. In the early days, refuse hot dishes and drinks, as well as food that you need to chew thoroughly.
  7. Control facial expression, do not open your mouth full.
  8. If you are planning dental treatment, it is better to postpone thread lifting and return to it after it is over.
  9. Sleep only on your back. Do not lie “face in the pillow.”