Taking care Of Your Prostate: But How?


Prostate cancer is one of the most common in men, so prostate health care is essential. To prevent prostate problems it is essential to follow some guidelines:

Carry out regular medical check-ups

it is especially important to undergo annual check-ups , especially men with advanced age. From the age of 50-55, men begin to take place a series of hormonal alterations that can cause the prostate to begin to grow progressively. These reviews will help early detection. You can also click here to get a proper understanding of taking care of the prostate health. The choices are there and you can find the best choices. The right options are open for you and you can take the best use of the same now.

Eating healthy and balanced

Helps control BPH symptoms, such as increased urinary frequency and urgency to urinate. It is recommended to eat 5 pieces of fruits and vegetables daily, as well as foods rich in protein and water. In addition, you must avoid as much as possible the saturated fats that are harmful to the prostate.

Maintain good hydration

It is convenient to take a liter and a half or two of water a day to improve urination and gallbladder training. However, fluid intake should be restricted in specific situations, such as prior to long trips to reduce the need to urinate frequently during the trip, or just before bed to reduce the number of times you need to get up at night to pee.

Avoid or restrict the consumption of alcohol and caffeine

Excess alcohol can cause problems, such as an overactive bladder or BPH, because it is an irritant to the prostate.

Exercise and avoid overweight and obesity

Daily physical activity helps control your body’s fat levels, as well as controlling BPH symptoms. You have to move at least 30 minutes a day: walk to work, climb stairs, go to the gym, etc.

Quit smoking

It represents a positive attitude to maintain the health of our body in good condition and that it is sufficiently resistant to possible diseases.

Having an active sexual life

It favors the health of the prostate, since this keeps it active.

  • Balanced diet rich in fruits and vegetables, which provide the vitamins and nutrients necessary to keep the body healthy. Reduce saturated fat and incorporate cereals and fiber.

Avoid sedentary lifestyle and incorporate a routine of physical activity, since exercise helps improve health, maintain weight, as well as help to achieve an emotional state of well-being. Men who do not exercise tend to have higher prostate specific antigen levels than men who do physical activity with some frequency.

Periodic urological reviews: especially from the age of 45, it is essential to visit the urologist at least 1 time a year.


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