Digital impressions vs. Traditional impressions

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Digital Impressions VS. Traditional Impressions- The next BIG step in  Dentistry! - Philly Dentistry


Digital impressions mean cutting-edge technology that permits dentists to create a virtual, computer-generated copy of the complex and soft tissues in the mouth using lasers and other optical scanning appliances under dental labs nyc.

The impression information is then transferred to a computer and used to create restorations, often without requiring stone models under the denture lab.


Cayster is a technology company addressing inefficiencies in the dental industry. Cayster works with dental practices and labs, both big and small, to deploy its enterprise-level solutions. Its open technology platforms fully integrate with industry-leading software, hardware, and service providers.

Types of digital impression technology

Two types of digital impression technology are currently available for dentists to utilize. One type seizes the images as digital photographs, providing dentists and dental labs with a sequence of ideas; the other captures images as digital video under dental labs nyc.

It seizes all of the details of the teeth and gum,s while eliminating the patient’s need to hold unpleasant, distasteful material in their mouth under the denture lab near me.

Still, they require teeth to be powder-coated with a special spray before scanning to ensure all parts of the impression are correctly recorded under dental labs nyc.

Benefits of digital imitations

Digital optical imitations significantly enhance efficiency, productivity, and accuracy and make it possible for dentists to e-mail the virtual image to the lab rather than send a traditional print or stone model via regular mail to the denture lab near me.

Also, digital imitations are used to make same-day dentistry restorations, thereby speeding up patient treatment and decreasing the need for multiple office visits under dental labs nyc.

Other benefits of digital impressions include:

  • Improved image quality for better-fitting restorations 
  • Less chair time
  • No need for distasteful impression materials that cause some patients to gag
  • More comfortable, less anxious experience for patients and the dental team
  • Reduced possibility of impression-taking errors and elimination of material inaccuracies for fewer restoration mistakes
  • The scan of the teeth being restored and the opposing teeth and bite are completed in three to five minutes.
  • The digital impression can be stored indefinitely, saving space, contributing to efficient recordkeeping, and supporting a paper-free environment under the denture lab near me.

Traditional impressions

  • Traditional impressions are obtained by placing dental putty in our patient’s mouths. This putty hardens slowly. Our patient will bite down on that, so dental impressions are left in the substance. After that, a lengthy process of preparing the mold for the restorations begins.
  • Regaining dental impressions may sometimes be required to fix problems during the previous session under dental labs nyc.
  • There is nearly universal disapproval of this traditional dental impression capture method by dental care specialists and patients alike because the putty triggers the gasp reflex in patients and makes for unpleasant dental visits under the denture lab near me.
  • Additionally, traditional dental impressions are time-consuming for the patient and dentists. In addition, we may have to repeat all these steps if the restoration does not form correctly for our patient under dental labs nyc.

The patient benefit of digital impressions

No more annoying impression material!

For many procedures, big spoons and goop are now a thing. Gagging does not occur. Excess material scattering all over our faces is a thing of the past. During the scan, we can breathe and swallow as we usually would under dental labs nyc.

Perpetual digital record

Unlike imitations that can get lost or are abandoned after use, we have a permanent record of our mouth stored on a computer. We can look at that imitation any time and anywhere if we require to evaluate some detail or if we call with a question under the denture lab near me.

Favorable for multiple dental methods

The creativity of this platform permits us to integrate its use into many daily dental methods we perform in the office under dental labs nyc.

Pros of Traditional impressions:


Even the full-arch imitations are highly accurate when the correct technique is enforced.

Fewer investment costs:

We can make traditional impressions without high-cost equipment or extended training periods under dental labs nyc.

More proven accomplishments:

Traditional imitations have a more extended accomplishment of success than digital methods under the denture lab near me.

Cons of traditional impressions:

Imitation recovers:

A complication with the traditional method is the requirement to recover an imitation if the restoration fits imperfectly. All offices eventually require recovers when utilizing standard images, but this issue should be rare for well-trained staff under dental labs nyc.

Patience tolerance:

Some patients are uncomfortable with having their impressions taken. Their discomfort is sometimes the result of stress, having to suppress their grasp habitual, a medical state, or a view of the putty, like its structure under dental labs nyc. Many dental procedures can trigger stress, and we can usually help an anxious patient cope with getting the impressions under the denture lab near me.

A longer process:

Making impressions takes longer using traditional methods in dental labs nyc.

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Everything you need to know about braces

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Is There Other Terminology Used For Lingual Braces? « Wexler | Blog

The prospect of wearing braces to attain your ideal smile is exciting, but it can also be intimidating if you don’t know what to anticipate. Let us first reassure you that orthodontic treatment will not significantly alter your lifestyle, aside from the fact that when you’re completed, you’ll have a significant gain in confidence and oral health.

Most Cayster braces patients are pleasantly surprised by how simple the process is, and with the Aura Orthodontics staff on your side, you’ll have some fun while your new smile takes shape.

We appreciate, however, that you may have unique concerns, such as whether you can chew gum while wearing braces. Alternatively, how much do braces cost? With our complete guide to acquiring braces and going through therapy, we’ve got you covered.

How do Braces Work, and What are the Different Types of Braces?

First and foremost, what are braces, and how do they work? Dental braces are fixed orthodontic tools, which means that, unlike removable treatments like Invisalign (another fantastic choice), braces remain in place until we are ready to remove them. Braces are applied to your teeth by bonding brackets to them, then running archwires – one on top and one on the bottom – through them and securing everything.

This bracket and wire technique applies gentle, consistent pressure to the teeth to move them into new places. Additional appliances or components, such as bands or a power chain, are occasionally used to provide the necessary connective forces to strengthen the interaction between the upper and lower jaws.

Dental braces address malocclusion, or when the top and bottom teeth do not meet as you bite down. Crowding, an underbite, a crossbite, spacing, or an overbite are all malocclusion (overjet).

When it comes to braces, there is something for everyone. Most folks envision traditional metal braces. They’re composed of stainless steel and come with standard brackets and archwires. They are pretty helpful for individuals of all ages and can be used to treat more challenging conditions.

Cayster offers a variety of denture labs near me(you) that also supply transparent braces. They are made of pure grown sapphire that has been heating polished, making them robust, smooth, and, most importantly, transparent. They are perfect for adults and teens who want the straightening power of braces in a more elegant form because they are less noticeable than metal braces.

There are self-ligating braces as well as traditional metal and transparent braces. This type is supported by brackets and wires but does not require ligatures (elastics or metal ties). Instead, the cables are held in place by small doors that move with your teeth.

How Much Do Braces Cost?

One of the initial concerns most individuals have is the cost of braces. Unfortunately, there is no hard and fast rule because the price is determined by many factors, such as the type of treatment you select, the complexity of your case, how well you follow your orthodontist’s recommendations, and even where you reside.

Cayster offers a diverse selection of dental labs nyc. They don’t want the cost of braces to deter people from achieving the smile they want. As a result, they provide flexible financing, such as interest-free monthly payment options. If your plan includes coverage, they will also take assignment/insurance. They will collaborate with you to make orthodontic treatment affordable.

We understand. There are wires, brackets, bands, and tools everywhere in our offices, which isn’t reassuring, but we swear that getting braces on doesn’t hurt, and there are no needles involved. After your appointment, and after numerous dentists have prepared a personalized diagnosis and treatment plan for you, you’ll climb into our chair. One of the Aura team members at the dental labs offered by Caster will polish your beautiful whites.

The dental labs nyc will use a particular solution to mildly roughen the surface of your teeth, allowing the glue to penetrate and your braces to stay in place. They will wash it off, dry the teeth, and add a conditioner when it has done its job. They will then place the brackets, which have already been glued, one by one, removing excess glue and hardening them with light. When the braces are in place, the wire will be threaded through them, secured with elastics, and you will be able to appreciate your new tooth accessories.


They’ll give you all the information you need about taking care of your braces, and they’ll probably call you later to ensure everything is going well. That’s all. Putting on braces isn’t particularly unpleasant; however, your teeth may be uncomfortable for a few days afterward.

How to Brush and Floss With Braces?

Having brackets and wires in your mouth makes cleaning your teeth a bit more complex, and because food gets trapped in the hardware, you’ll have to be vigilant about brushing and flossing to keep your teeth and gums healthy. Brush your teeth after you’re awake in the morning, after each meal and snack, and before bed, if you wear braces. It is a good idea to bring a travel toothbrush and toothpaste with you to school or work. If you forget your supplies, at the very least, thoroughly rinse your mouth with water after eating.

Final Words

Cayster’s “Managed Lab Services” platform empowers users, lowers errors, and generates data to help them make better decisions. Cayster’s business platform enables growing and PE-backed practice groups to Measure Outcomes while delivering Intelligent Autonomy to their dentists.

Cayster is a Heartland Dental Diamond Trusted Lab partner. Cayster’s Marketplace unites dentists, primary practices, organizations, dental labs, and other industry service providers. It allows dentists to select a lab, submit and follow a case, and acquire a high-quality, low-cost restoration in real-time.

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Most Common Types of Over-The-Counter Teeth Whitening Kits


Stained and discolored teeth are the most common issue worldwide, so people often search for exceptional methods to get rid of these unpleasing dental imperfections. As a dedicated dentist providing affordable teeth whitening in Ancaster, this cosmetic dental treatment is the simple option available that has the potential to create significant alterations and make your teeth look as bright as they used to be. Since there are various types of whitening procedures, consulting with your professional dentists is commonly recommended to determine which type is appropriate to solve your issue and make your physical appearance more attractive. Above all, if you prefer to use whitening products at home, keep reading this article to learn which option is more appropriate.

Essential tips Before Using Teeth Whitening Products

Recent studies have shown that some lifestyle habits can negatively affect the color of your teeth over time. For example, drinking too much tea coffee, and tea, smoking, and having dark-colored fruits like berries are the most common reasons that can cause your teeth to look darker. Although different types of whitening options used at home can eliminate stains and discoloration from the outer surface of your teeth, in-office whitening treatments that professional dentists skillfully perform in their offices can help you gain what you like in the blink of an eye.

The following items are the most common whitening products available that you can buy from markets or drug stores:

Whitening Stripes: 

Generally, whitening stripes refer to some plastic stripes that contain a small amount of hydrogen peroxide to brighten your dark teeth. To achieve the desirable, please follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully.

Chewing Gums: 

Believe it or not, whitening sugar-free chewing gums can potentially help you in several ways. For example, these chewing gums contain special materials to preserve your teeth’s surface from staining; they are beneficial for rinsing your mouth if you use them after meals. It is the most straightforward method to keep a set of pearly whites.

Whitening Tooth Paste: 

As usual, to keep your teeth healthy and clean, you should brush them regularly and spend enough time on proper cleaning. Therefore, when you buy your appropriate toothpaste, buy those types containing whitening ingredients to remove the plaque and stains off your teeth gradually.

Teeth Whitening Trays: 

During this method, you should fill the trays with whitening materials, then apply them over your discolored teeth and leave them for at least half an hour. You should repeat it several times a week to achieve your expectations. However, you can buy whitening trays from stores; that’s an ideal opinion to ask your professional dentists to create your unique trays for proper fitting.

In-Office Teeth Whitening

If you have tried multiple at-home whitening products and haven’t achieved your desired results, go for in-office whitening options. Since professionally-trained general dentists are equipped with high-tech instruments in their offices, they can apply more whitening materials over your discolored teeth. You will immediately see the noticeable effects on the color of your natural teeth. But you should remember that overusing teeth whitening treatments can affect the health of your teeth. 

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Lingual Braces: What Is It And Are They Right For You?

invisible lingual braces

An estimated 4 million people use orthodontic braces to align their teeth properly and correct their bite in the US. But when you think of braces, you shouldn’t just be confined in the conventional ones that you see (i.e., those that are attached in front of the teeth). When you talk to the best orthodontist in northern VA, you’ll find out that you have other options — and one of which is wearing lingual braces.

As its name implies, lingual braces are braces that are placed in the lingual or tongue side. Because the parts (the brackets, the wires, and the elastics) are attached to the back of the teeth, they’re virtually invisible. This makes them a good alternative if you are image-conscious or have an occupation where your appearance plays an important part. It’s also recommended to patients who are engaged in contact sports and those who play wind instruments.

How It Works

Lingual braces work like how conventional or buccal braces do — they put on pressure on your teeth and help them move into their correct positions.

If you want to tap the best orthodontist in Northern VA and wear these braces, expect him or her to take an impression of your teeth. The impression will then be sent to a dental laboratory to make brackets customized to fit your teeth.

After about one month to six weeks, you will be instructed to return to the clinic and have the braces placed at the back of your teeth. Your dentist will use a special procedure and special tools to attach the parts.

Typically, you have to wear these braces for about 18 to 36 months — depending on the severity of your biting and teeth alignment problem. Around every six weeks, you will need to see your dentist so he or she can make necessary adjustments and track the progress of the procedure.

Factors To Consider

As mentioned, lingual braces are primarily used for cosmetic purposes. If you don’t want your braces to be seen by others, you should talk to the best orthodontist in Northern VA to determine if you’re indeed qualified to wear one. These are the factors that should be considered:

Biting problem. Though lingual braces can correct several biting problems, they are not advised for people with a deep overbite. In this situation, the overbite may put too much pressure on the brackets, which may eventually cause them to break or fall off.

Tolerance to drawbacks. As in any other orthodontic procedure, wearing a lingual brace is bound to bring a certain level of discomfort. Because the parts frequently come into contact with sensitive surfaces like the tongue, it can cause its wearer to experience soreness. However, this can be addressed by applying pain medications and asking for smaller, more customized brackets. Other drawbacks that you need to be aware of include having speech difficulties, experiencing cleaning challenges, and restricting the food you can eat.

Budget. Upfront, lingual braces are more expensive than conventional ones. However, they offer invisibility and other advantages that may prove to be highly valuable in the long run.

If you are looking for the best orthodontist in northern VA, book an appointment with our team at Stang Family Orthodontics today. Let us help you get that perfect smile back.

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When Do You Need An Emergency Root Canal?

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At the center of our tooth is the so-called pulp — an oral tissue that comprises soft connective tissues and other nervous and lymphatic elements. When this becomes severely damaged, it can cause quite an unbearable toothache. You may also need to undergo a root canal procedure, as performed by an Arlington emergency dentist.

Root Canal 101

The goal of this dental procedure is to disinfect the affected tooth. Typically lasting for around one to two hours, a root canal therapy involves flushing out the damaged tooth roots and tooth pulp through a dental drill. A solution that comprises water and anti-microbial elements is used to guarantee that any remaining pulp is removed.

Before the procedure starts, expect your Arlington emergency dentist to employ a high level of localized anesthesia to numb the affected site. There are cases wherein the patient is also put to sleep.

After the procedure proper, the empty space left by the removed pulp will be filled with a special material. To help keep the affected tooth intact, you may also get a crown or a dental filling.

Signs You Need To Know

So, how do you really know if it’s a simple toothache or something that already warrants a trip to the Arlington emergency dentist for a root canal? Here are the most important signs you need to know:

The pain you feel in your dental area is too severe. One of the most common signs associated with a pulp infection or damage is a severe tooth pain. Notches more painful than a regular toothache, this may even hinder you from focusing on your activities or getting proper sleep. The pain also becomes more sore when you touch the tooth, and is also linked with gum pain.

You notice a discoloration in your tooth. A damaged nerve inside a tooth may cause that tooth to become discolored. It’s an indicator that there’s something wrong with your pulp or pulp chamber. On the other hand, if your tooth becomes darker or gray or black in color, it should also alarm you because it’s also a sign that you’d need to undergo root canal therapy.

You experience tooth sensitivity. Along with a change in your tooth’s color, another symptom you need to watch out is prolonged tooth sensitivity — especially when you eat hot and cold foods.

There’s a pus coming from the affected tooth. Because of dental infection, you may also notice some pus coming out of the area surrounding the affected tooth. When you’re already at this stage, make sure to get in touch with a reliable emergency dentist as soon as you can before your dental situation gets worse.

There’s a dental abscess in your gum tissue. Dental abscess refers to the buildup of pus inside your gums. This is one of the tell-tale signs that warn of a severely damaged dental pulp. If you feel an unusually hard lump in your gums, accompanied by toothache, you should definitely consider getting a root canal procedure.

If you are looking for a trusted Arlington emergency dentist, you can count on Dr. Hossein Ahmadian and his team at Arlington Advanced Care to provide top-quality dental care. Contact us today!

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Providing the Telephonic Healthcare Suggestions is Almost Mandatory for the dentist in Huntsville AL

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What Does a Pediatric Dentist Do? - Golden Pediatric Dentistry ...

It is highly essential for you to pay regular visits to a dentist. Your dentists should be conversant with your oral health for easy detection of diseases and problems. You might be wondering what’s the use of going to a dentist when you don’t have any problem with your teeth. Well, you might not have any problem today, but who knows about tomorrow? Those who have fixed family dentists can now understand the importance of having one. In the present situation where you should avoid visiting the clinics to prevent transmission of Covid-19, having the family dentist can turn out to be quite beneficial.

Virtual treatment

With the pandemic affecting the lives of each and every person all around the globe, the entire work procedure of every professional has changed considerably. But when you have a toothache, there is no alternative than visiting the dentist unless the dentist in Huntsville AL already knows well about the structure of your teeth and the probable problems that might arise. In such a case, you can fix a virtual appointment and communicate over the telephone. The doctor won’t need to see your teeth physically. It will be easier or the dentists to diagnose the problem and start the treatment procedure immediately.

Telehealth capabilities

Not all dentists will be ready to offer you with telehealth solutions. So when hunting for a family dentists, you should keep in mind that the person must be flexible about the treatment procedure. During the lockdown phase, those of you who are already undergoing treatment under a particular dentist did not had to face many problems. Most of the dentists are offering online or telephonic advice to alleviate the symptoms of oral problems. So before fixing your dentists, you should know whether the person offers telehealth service and is comfortable about online communications too.


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Valuable Ideas to Maintain Oral Cleanliness


Oral health is a vital concern that affects all around health in addition to personality. The most important way to maintain your teeth clean, healthy and strong would be to uphold good oral cleanliness. Practicing good hygiene regularly has numerous benefits. It will help to avoid tooth decay that create tooth pain, crowns, fillings, root canals and also the gums and teeth. Fixing your teeth requires a bit more effort than the usual rash brushing each morning and before bed time. Listed here are a couple of fundamental oral cleanliness practices that can help preserve your lengthy lasting healthy smile and promote all around health.

Fundamental Teeth Cleaning

Proper brushing is among the most significant practices for perfect oral cleanliness. Spend some time and make certain you cover one’s teeth at the rear of the mouth area completely. For correct brushing, squeeze toothbrush bristles in a 45 levels position near to the gumline. Brush the outer surfaces of the teeth completely utilizing a backwards and forwards motion. Brush the teeth two times per day or after each meal. Also, brush your tongue and also the roof of the mouth to eliminate bacteria, which can lead to foul breath. You are able to have a toothbrush and tooth paste along with you to workplace or school to be able to clean one’s teeth after consuming meals.

Dental Floss

Flossing plays a substantial role in oral cleanliness. Although brushing cleans the reachable surfaces of the teeth, dental floss will help you eliminate food debris along with other dangerous substances that may result in tooth decay. Dentists recommend flossing after brushing, at least one time daily. Also, make use of a good mouthwash just to make sure that any remaining bacteria or plaque is beaten up. An antiseptic make-up can also be required for perfect breath, but take care not to swallow it. You should stop smoking and eating tobacco to be able to enhance your breath and stop teeth staining.

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Dental Hygiene Strategies for Healthy Teeth


Dental hygiene may be the repair off healthy teeth. This facet of oral health is extremely important since it plays a role in the general well-being. While going to the dental professional is really a prudent method of getting info on proper dental hygiene, slight changes for your dental care routine might help shorten your time and effort using the dental hygienist. Practicing proper dental hygiene may prevent the gums and teeth, foul breath, improve your state of health in addition to help you save money on pricey dental procedures. Listed here are a couple of guidelines to help you preserve healthy teeth that could serve you for a lifetime.

Brush and floss for oral health

Oral health starts with clean teeth. Regular flossing and brushing is important to keep your teeth and gums strong and healthy. Brush the teeth a minimum of two occasions per day using fluoride tooth paste, which supports prevent cavities and tooth decay. Spend some time kids to be able to perform a thorough job. Make certain to make use of the right toothbrush which will fit your teeth placement and mouth structure. The toothbrush must have soft and rounded bristles. Also practice tongue cleaning to avoid foul breath, and replace your toothbrush every two several weeks.

Daily flossing can also be essential. Flossing helps you to achieve the rigid spaces between your teeth in addition to underneath the gumline. Lightly rub along side it of the teeth using the floss and do not skimp. You can test the waxed dental floss should you find it hard to floss involving the teeth. Play the role of gentle while you floss to avoid gum injuries. Also, remember to look after dentures like real teeth inside your oral cleanliness habits.

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What you ought to Learn About Getting Teeth Implants – 5 Advantages


Our teeth are an essential a part of the body and there are various stuff that will go wrong together. There are plenty of the way that teeth may become chipped or damaged where they drop out. If somebody you lose a tooth or perhaps a tooth inside your mouth must be replaced, there are many different choices like a bridge or dentures.

An alternative choice you’ve, that lots of people choose, is teeth implants. This is among the best options with regards to requiring a substitute for the teeth or tooth. There are lots of benefits of getting these implants. However, prior to getting into ways that you’ll take advantage of getting this process done, you should know what these implants actually are and various ways they can help you.

What Exactly Are Teeth Implants?

Teeth implants are artificial teeth which you can use as a means of replacing a tooth which has fallen out or become decayed to begin substitute. It won’t modify the bordering of the teeth and you may replace as numerous teeth as you would like using these implants.

Lots of people believe that your tooth will not look natural enough so that they don’t even attempt to obtain the implants. The fact is the fact that these implants do seem to be very natural and no-one can observe that your tooth is not real. You might not even keep in mind that you lost your tooth before long!

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Coverage for Dental Insurance Plans


Dental insurance policies are essential as a safety measure for teeth hygiene. The price of treatment could be very high. Many people neglect their oral health due to the price of regular check-up or are not aware of the entitlement for dental hygiene, if such plan’s covered on their own employment contract. Insurance policy might help offset the price of some dental procedure. There are various kinds of dental insurance plans.

Indemnity dental insurance plans coverage

Indemnity is costly compared holiday to a kind of dental insurance plans. it takes the individual being covered to pay for the price of the therapy and get the insurer to compensate the payment. The benefit of indemnity insurance coverage is there are no limitations put on the insurance coverage holders regarding which dental professional they might choose. When getting an indemnity coverage, a classification of dental procedures is supplied and function a tenet for that covered individual regarding which dental service the insurer covers as well as for what amount of the cost.

Managed care plan dental insurance plans

Under managed care dental insurance plans, the individual covered doesn’t have to cover any procedure. The balance in the dentist is distributed straight to the insurer. The insurer places limitations nonetheless regarding that the company the covered individual is permitted to go to. The manage care plan’s split into three differing types

• Preferred Provider Organization (PPO)

PPO are dental suppliers that have created a network and work inside the group. The individual acquiring coverage are only able to visit dentists in the network and will get reduction benefits. You might visit dental professional away from the network in certain plans however with effects of losing a number of your benefits.

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