Digital impressions vs. Traditional impressions

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Digital impressions mean cutting-edge technology that permits dentists to create a virtual, computer-generated copy of the complex and soft tissues in the mouth using lasers and other optical scanning appliances under dental labs nyc.

The impression information is then transferred to a computer and used to create restorations, often without requiring stone models under the denture lab.


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Types of digital impression technology

Two types of digital impression technology are currently available for dentists to utilize. One type seizes the images as digital photographs, providing dentists and dental labs with a sequence of ideas; the other captures images as digital video under dental labs nyc.

It seizes all of the details of the teeth and gum,s while eliminating the patient’s need to hold unpleasant, distasteful material in their mouth under the denture lab near me.

Still, they require teeth to be powder-coated with a special spray before scanning to ensure all parts of the impression are correctly recorded under dental labs nyc.

Benefits of digital imitations

Digital optical imitations significantly enhance efficiency, productivity, and accuracy and make it possible for dentists to e-mail the virtual image to the lab rather than send a traditional print or stone model via regular mail to the denture lab near me.

Also, digital imitations are used to make same-day dentistry restorations, thereby speeding up patient treatment and decreasing the need for multiple office visits under dental labs nyc.

Other benefits of digital impressions include:

  • Improved image quality for better-fitting restorations 
  • Less chair time
  • No need for distasteful impression materials that cause some patients to gag
  • More comfortable, less anxious experience for patients and the dental team
  • Reduced possibility of impression-taking errors and elimination of material inaccuracies for fewer restoration mistakes
  • The scan of the teeth being restored and the opposing teeth and bite are completed in three to five minutes.
  • The digital impression can be stored indefinitely, saving space, contributing to efficient recordkeeping, and supporting a paper-free environment under the denture lab near me.

Traditional impressions

  • Traditional impressions are obtained by placing dental putty in our patient’s mouths. This putty hardens slowly. Our patient will bite down on that, so dental impressions are left in the substance. After that, a lengthy process of preparing the mold for the restorations begins.
  • Regaining dental impressions may sometimes be required to fix problems during the previous session under dental labs nyc.
  • There is nearly universal disapproval of this traditional dental impression capture method by dental care specialists and patients alike because the putty triggers the gasp reflex in patients and makes for unpleasant dental visits under the denture lab near me.
  • Additionally, traditional dental impressions are time-consuming for the patient and dentists. In addition, we may have to repeat all these steps if the restoration does not form correctly for our patient under dental labs nyc.

The patient benefit of digital impressions

No more annoying impression material!

For many procedures, big spoons and goop are now a thing. Gagging does not occur. Excess material scattering all over our faces is a thing of the past. During the scan, we can breathe and swallow as we usually would under dental labs nyc.

Perpetual digital record

Unlike imitations that can get lost or are abandoned after use, we have a permanent record of our mouth stored on a computer. We can look at that imitation any time and anywhere if we require to evaluate some detail or if we call with a question under the denture lab near me.

Favorable for multiple dental methods

The creativity of this platform permits us to integrate its use into many daily dental methods we perform in the office under dental labs nyc.

Pros of Traditional impressions:


Even the full-arch imitations are highly accurate when the correct technique is enforced.

Fewer investment costs:

We can make traditional impressions without high-cost equipment or extended training periods under dental labs nyc.

More proven accomplishments:

Traditional imitations have a more extended accomplishment of success than digital methods under the denture lab near me.

Cons of traditional impressions:

Imitation recovers:

A complication with the traditional method is the requirement to recover an imitation if the restoration fits imperfectly. All offices eventually require recovers when utilizing standard images, but this issue should be rare for well-trained staff under dental labs nyc.

Patience tolerance:

Some patients are uncomfortable with having their impressions taken. Their discomfort is sometimes the result of stress, having to suppress their grasp habitual, a medical state, or a view of the putty, like its structure under dental labs nyc. Many dental procedures can trigger stress, and we can usually help an anxious patient cope with getting the impressions under the denture lab near me.

A longer process:

Making impressions takes longer using traditional methods in dental labs nyc.

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