Herbal Medicines and the right Online Purchase Options


Plants used improperly can cause toxicities and it is important to know a good specialist in case of doubt: on the plant chosen in store or harvested yourself, on its use, on the recommended dosage.

We help you to make a quick overview of the questions to ask yourself when purchasing plants and give you some addresses to make your choice or ask for advice. You can Buy herbal medicine online  easily now.

Benefit of plants

Who to contact to buy medicinal plants?

There are several options:

The “bio” stores

Most of the franchised stores, among the best known, offer plants in sachets, ready to be used for your herbal teas or decoctions for example. They even offer the advantage of being labeled “organic”.

The brands specializing in well-being and alternative medicine offer the same products as the first, although the supply of plants is reduced to essences (essential oils).

In some pharmacies or drugstores , you can find a section offering plants. However, if most of them are increasingly developing aromatherapy and food supplements, plants in bags are becoming a little rarer.

The herbalism remains perhaps the leading expert of the plant such that we would find if we were going to pick in the fields. These stores have tended to become scarce in France while they are much more common in Germany or Switzerland, but if you go to this type of store you will also have the advantage of having the advice of a specialist in herbalism.

Do not forget your supermarket or the market for all the aromatic herbs: thyme, rosemary, lime … which is already used in the kitchen.

Who to ask for advice on choosing plants?

The choice of medicinal plants is a delicate operation. You have to make sure of the quality of the plant, but you also need to know its properties because some plants can be toxic and others not recommended for pregnant women or children.

In case of doubt, it is therefore essential to seek the advice of a specialist. 

We can therefore address:

To a doctor or pharmacist to know the indications and contraindications of plants. It is also important to consult your doctor if you are otherwise taking medication. Certain plants and certain food supplements can modify or cancel an allopathic treatment. Caution is therefore in order.

To a phytotherapist, a herbalist or a naturopath: 

All three have followed training on the use of plants and therefore have the essential knowledge to advise you in terms of herbal medicine or aromatherapy.

In a specialized health food store

However, check the qualification of the consultant salesperson because some have a good training in phyto-aromatherapy, but others have more traditional commercial training without specialization. So do not hesitate to check the course of your interlocutor.

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