New Jersey cannabis manufacturing application operating plan

The following sections are included in this 150-page New Jersey cannabis manufacturing application Operating Plan template:

  • Plan for Cannabis Product Manufacturing and Creation Using Appropriate Extraction Methods
  • Plan for Quality Control and Assurance
  • Plan for Recall
  • Plan for packaging and labeling
  • Plan for Inventory Control
  • Plan for Cannabis Testing
  • Practices in Water Management
  • Mitigation of Odor
  • Plan for Keeping Records
  • List of Product Formulations or Proposed Products for Manufacturing
  • All non-cannabis ingredients used in the manufacture and creation of cannabis products have an intended use and a source.
  • Plan for Waste Disposal
  • Plan for Security
  • Plan for Environmental Impact
  • Plan to Prevent Diversion
  • Emergency Preparedness Plan
  • Procedures for Conducting Employee Criminal History Background Checks
  • Compliance with Applicable Laws and Regulations (description)
  • Plan for Cybersecurity

All this information had a 100-page limit in two previous medical cannabis license rounds in New Jersey and was described as a “summary” of the application’s “Part-B.” In August, after the regulations are published, we will learn more about how this next round of licensing works.

In this template, you can use an additional 50 pages of information to learn more about these matters (as full operational plans of all the topics add up to hundreds of pages), and to finalize and serve your application you can use this extra information after you are operational.

You will save hundreds of hours of preparation of your application materials with the template NJ Marijuana Manufacturing Plan!

It’s really exciting to finally see the adult cannabis industry in NJ! It is great that New Jersey is willing to become a leader, beating the development of a recreational market in New York, and everyone should have the right to consume cannabis.

Although the licensing process and requirements are not yet fully defined for the state, the licensing requirements will be in line with what NJ has done with its medical cannabis licensing program in the past.

The operations plan templates we provide are created from the perspective of a prospective cannabis licensee. It’s as if you’re getting a sneak peek at a competitor’s finished app and can utilize it to quickly construct your specialized manufacturing app.

If you’re looking for a conventional (non-micro) manufacturing license, there are four key elements to consider.

  • Proof of strong financial support.
  • Evidence of sufficient cannabis production experience in a commercial setting
  • Proof of ownership (or permission to use) of a suitable and conveniently placed cannabis manufacturing facility.
  • A well-organized and comprehensive application.

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