The 3 Best Medicare Advantage Plans

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If you are planning to look for a Medicare Advantage plan that covers your family, then you need to make a proper list. A complete list of the services that you want to be covered by the Medicare Advantage plan. The Medicare Advantage plans 2021 offers almost all the coverage that is included by the original Medicare plan. There are some additional benefits offered that include gym membership coverage, vision coverage, dental coverage, and many more. The cost of the plan depends on the type of coverage plan you choose.

To shop for the best Medicare Advantage plan, you need to look for the factors like:

  • Look if you are eligible and then enroll for the Medicare Advantage plan.
  • Discover the list of all the plans available in your country, state, and ZIP code.
  • Determine the list of coverage that you need to the most
  • Compare the different plans of Medicare Advantage plans in terms of their services and cost.
  • Consult with a healthcare provider or consultant.
  • To enroll, sign up for the Medicare Advantage Plan.

Moving further, here in this article, we will know about the different Medicare Advantage Plans as of 2020, which are as follows:


Humana is known to provide the best user experience to members because it allows the members to choose the plan considering the prescription drugs only, Medical only or both. Once you choose between this, you get the option to choose the right plan: HMO or PPO. HMOs are the plans in which members can apply for only in-network services. PPO is the plan that offers both in-and-out-of –network services. The only thing is that it cost higher for network services. 

The process of Humana is quite straightforward and aerodynamic, which means it provides you the option to enter the prescription information and doctor’s name. You don’t need to register for an account or enter your personal information but to write the doctor’s name to get the right estimate.


Aetna is best known for the educational information it provides. Before opting for specific coverage, it is important to learn and understand different plans like HMO, PPO, and others to make the right decision. Aetna presents a special plan named Dual Special Needs Plans for members who gets qualified for Medicaid and Medicare with some extra benefits. The extra benefits may include smoking cessation assistance, non-emergency transportation, and over-the-counter medicine coverage and meal programs. Aetna got the A ranking for its excellent points from AM Best. 


The AARP offers the Medicare Advantage plans that have everything in extras like vision, dental, eyewear coverage, exams, procedures, foot coverage, gym membership, access to wellness, and local health events. Copays are offered by AARP for expert visits like cardiologist or an oncologist that are in-network.

AARP presents the facility to make payments with social security advantages, but actually, it allows withdrawing the payment automatically. Medicare Part B payments are automatically detected by the Social Security Administration.  


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