Types of punching bags: Boxing and Steroids

You decided to put yourself a powerful blow to the right. A familiar boxer explained how to

You decided to put yourself a powerful blow to the right. A familiar boxer explained how to use Trenbolone Suspension correctly, and somewhere in the block from the house there is a gym where you have all the necessary simulators at your disposal. You come. And here … From just one variety of types of punching bags, your eyes run up. But don’t worry, we’ll deal with this issue now.

Types of punching bags. Heavy

For big people – a big punching bag.

Usually it is a volume cylinder made of leather, tarpaulin or leatherette. Inside this thing fall asleep or sawdust, which is mixed with sand, or crumb rubber. In most cases, a heavy punching bag is also the toughest view of the entire boxing arsenal. And that means, like every serious subject, it requires a thoughtful approach.

Why do you need a heavy punching bag

Beating this punching bag in itself is, in principle, a great way to give your body a good aerobic load. Especially if you connect to the process of beating the legs. In order for this pear not to fly, but to just swing, you need to make a lot of effort. Some famous personalities from contact martial arts use training with a heavy punching bag to quickly lose weight, while training in the “specialty”.

But nevertheless, the main task of this type of punching bag is to help the fighter in producing powerful strikes and practicing slaughter series. Work on a heavy bag in some martial arts is the main method of preparation is to Buy Steroids in USA. Traditional Muay Thai fighters owe their strong kicks to just such an approach. After all, shell training along with fizuha and training sparring here is the foundation. And if you take the fighters who train alone, then, probably, one of the generally possible methods.

What to fear

Be careful with this type of punching bag if you are not already a Muay Thai master.

To begin with excessive self-confidence. Since a heavy punching bag is not the kind of training equipment you should start training with. In general, it would be nice to start practicing air strikes, and better under the guidance of a coach. Then gradually move on to work with boxing paws. Here the trainer will correct your inevitable mistakes in technology. Only after that it is worth starting work with a heavy pear in order to fill your blows with the necessary power. And in this case, it is important to follow the usual safety rules.

First, always bandage the brushes and use shell gloves. Naturally, some fans will object – real men only beat with their bare hands and strengthen their fists. However, practice shows that in this way fists can only be crippled. Games in “real men” are held along with adolescence, but disfigured brushes will have to be carried with you all your life. Although, of course, different systems have their own methods, so this opinion cannot be 100% unambiguous. After all, they beat with bare hands even on such shells as makiwara. But a punching bag is a punching bag. So let’s work with her as needed. On the other hand, in a real fight, bandages cannot be worn, so decide for yourself. Second, be very careful the moment the bag moves. And especially towards you. A heavy colossus can, with a slight swing against your fist, curl some joint. Most often goes to the wrist joint. Third, do not immediately seek to hammer the pear with all the “dope”. Most likely, the body will simply not be ready for this. And the return, including to the head, will not keep you waiting long. But this, although small, is nevertheless a concussion, but you must admit that the fewer they are, the better.

Types of punching bags. Average

This type of punching bag was known in ancient times.

This type of boxing bag can be called a classic. It was from him that the most figurative name “pear” came from. After all, the shape is really pear-shaped. Although, the other will not work if you pour sand into a leather or canvas bag, tie it up and hang it on the level of your head. Such shells were used in antiquity for staging a strike. And historical books about boxing are very often full of pictures with antique boxers, pressing a sewn animal skin filled with sand.

The average punching bag.

This is a classic boxing shell. And this kind of pear is needed to practice strong blows to the head. The middle bag is much easier to work with. He is not so traumatic. And at the same time, he does not need special powerful fastenings to the ceiling or wall. In principle, this pear, unlike a heavy one, can be hung even at home. Many do so by installing a regular hook in the ceiling, overlapping a balcony or lintel. The design itself dictates the style of work with this subject. It is used for the most part to put the technique of punches. Naturally, you can also peel it with your foot. However – this is still it will be a technique designed to defeat the upper level – the neck and head.

What to fear

The same as with a heavy heavy pear. Plus, it should be remembered that this type of punching bag is even more mobile. You – hit him, and he moves back with a wide-amplitude movement. Do not even think about catching him with a blow at the moment – the brush will make it in one fell swoop. Also, medium pears, for the same reason, tend to fly off hooks and, while describing a simple arc, fall into a computer monitor or the glass wall of a new sideboard. So be careful using this shell in the house.

Types of punching bags. Pneumatic

Pneumatic pear. This pear enjoys the location of both pros and amateurs.

At first glance, it is not very similar to a pear. So – some kind of light ball on the ropes. This pear is pneumatic because not rubber and sand are used as filling, but ordinary air. Such a pear is of two main types. In the first case, it is attached to a special platform at one end. In the second – it is pulled between two elastic cords. However, in any case, the most important function of this type of punching bag is retained – it is springy mobility. On this type of punching bag punch in the jaw.

Why do you need a pneumatic bulb

First of all, punching bags of this type are used to deliver a sharp and quick punch. Power here is the tenth matter. Accuracy and speed are the qualities that should be approached to the corner of the hall in which the pneumatic pear is pulled. Plus, this thing will help to work out the reaction, as well as a bunch of slopes. Unlike other pears, pneumatics can and even need to use Trenbolone Suspension in, as well as catch it in oncoming traffic and dodge its sharp flight. Well, to combine all this into one whole.

What to fear

This pear is also not for beginners. Your strong impact and spring attachment can give the projectile a very powerful speed. So, not being able to react to the movement going to the meeting or hesitating, you can catch a very noticeable blow to the face with a pear. And well, if the case will cost one broken nose or eyebrow. In a word, as in working with heavy relatives, training with this punching bag requires caution and attention.

Also, when working with any pear, it will be useful to know the information – how to protect your fists from injuries.

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