Using Of Medical Cannabis In The Work Place

The acceptance to enact marijuana laws in some states provides confusion on the usage at places of work. Yester-years marijuana use for any purpose even medical would land you in jail. The current trend gives hope for patients working and has to manage some conditions in their bodies. The employees and even employers can’t be more confused than the current state; how to treat an employee using medical cannabis?

Rules of engagement for cannabis users

The laws differ from the local counties, the states, and the federal government. Some states have enacted laws supporting medical cannabis use while others are opposed to the laws. The fear remains on the usage, especially by the unapproved citizens.

However, governments fail to recognize that many consumers get cannabis from the gray market. The buyers are not bound by the state laws; they can access from any buyer. The other group involves the users for recreation purposes; they’re adamant about the benefits of cannabis. How will they be treated? For the employers, discrimination and application vary from state to state. 

The states that try to safeguard the rights of employees are less than half of those legalizing cannabis. If you want your package you may get from New York medical marijuana dispensary.

Inconsistencies in medical marijuana state laws

The employers retain the right to determine productivity in your place of work. If your consumption can cause impairment, then your retention depends on the employer, not the law. The employee is left to the companies to determine whether you can use your medication in the place of work. 

The law in 13 states shows reservations on the employer wielding too much power to cannabis users. However, the laws aren’t particular on the procedures that can be followed to protect the employer and the employee.

Less than five states recognize marijuana medical recreational properties and use. And protect the employees against discrimination due to marijuana in places of work. The other states are reluctant and the employers can do anything to you even when you’re taking it for medical reasons.

On the states against medical marijuana usage, don’t even think of being high. The punitive measures of jail are still in place. The patients are left more confused in states that enact medical marijuana laws and fail to protect users in places of work. Employment due to your past usage of marijuana still is not well addressed. You may receive discrimination during recruitment after taking medical tests.

What should be done?

There’s still positivity in accepting medical marijuana use. The laws making institutions would’ve to improve and amend some of the laws to protect patients with medical conditions. Marijuana remains to evolve and there’s room for the remaining states to improve on the laws existing in some states.

Employers should appreciate that employees can be productive despite their cannabis use. The rules of the organizations should be changed to adapt to the laws of the state.The consultations should be done where the laws for the state and local governments differ. There shouldn’t be inconsistencies in the laws when marijuana is receiving recognition and positivity.

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