How To Take Care Of Your Skin Before Sun Exposure

If you want to get a good tan and for your skin to show a healthy appearance, you should remember that the sun’s rays (both UVB and UVA radiation) can damage your skin. This circumstance carries various dangers, such as burns, sunstrokes, blemishes, skin cancer and premature aging of the skin.

Therefore, it is worth paying attention to these tips on how to protect your skin before exposing yourself to the sun.

Beauty And Health Recommendations

Maintaining a beauty and health in condition, when we refer to sunbathing, depends on assessing some precautions. Take note of them, follow them, and you will achieve a good tan without discomfort.

Plan the time when you will sunbathe, since you are not interested in dedicating the central hours of the day when the effects of radiation are most dangerous for the skin.

Put on the sunscreen of the protection factor that, according to your skin class, corresponds to you. In general, the 50+ factor is recommended, being the one that protects the most. Do not leave parts of your body exposed to the sun to cover.

Apply the cream twenty minutes before going out in the sun, since the filters take that long to take effect and repeat the process every hour or an hour and a half run away from oils and creams with little protection.

Hydrate yourself conveniently and without waiting for it to be thirsty. Being exposed to the sun, you have a higher risk of dehydration and low blood pressure. If you are hydrated, your skin and immune system will have more defences with which to withstand the dangers of sun exposure and radiation.

Consume foods that contain antioxidants and help stimulate substances that slow aging, protect your skin and provides elasticity. The carrot, which contains beta carotene, is the most recognized; but we also highlight, for example, dark fruits.

Even if your skin has already taken on colour, you should continue applying the photoprotective cream, since the sun’s rays continue to affect.

The Positive Effects Of Aesthetic Medicine Beauty Treatments

Beauty treatments will be useful when preparing your skin for the tanning process. One of them is exfoliation, which will help avoid unsightly stains.

From our clinic, we recommend a “set-up” at the end of the summer, and there are many varieties of treatments that help us to recover from sun damage, the appearance of spots and skin rejuvenation like Jaw surgery in Yanhee hospital (ตัดกราม ยันฮี, which is term in Thai). Meanwhile, in summer, take care of yourself and follow our advice to avoid damage to our skin as much as possible.

Combine the best treatments and take utmost care of your skin before exposure to the sun to achieve a perfect appearance over time.

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