Why smoking hemp flower directly can do more harm than good?

When we say that mother nature has truly taken care of all our needs, we genuinely mean, that it has taken care of all needs, that are possibly there to take care of. Not only does mother nature, look after our food, water and shelter needs but also provides a medium for people to get naturally high. You have to be living under a rock, to not know what weed is. Weed or marijuana or cannabis, are all naturally found substances that, when smoked put the smoker in a relaxed or euphoric state, where they feel at ease and extremely calm. But do you know where this weed is derived from? smokable hemp flower  

All you need to know about mother nature’s drug

One cannot simply go out on a stroll and find weed, ready to be plucked and smoked. What the commoners, call as “smoking weed”, or even simply weed, is a highly processed extract of the hemp flower. The hemp flower is responsible for almost 80 percent, if not all the types of cannabis, and weed found.  directly is not advised and frankly, doing so would not even give you a fraction of the result that you are looking for. Many people assume that since hemp flower is the parent material, it would be more potent and have a stronger effect. However, that is completely untrue and what prevails os quite the opposite. 

Weed or varieties of cannabis, are made after concentrating extracts of hemp flower. Let us assume that you get the desired high, after consuming 0.2 gm of cannabis. In order to achiever near same result, you would have to smoke at least 250-400 gms of hemp flower. Not only this, but hemp flowers require a very specific type of climatic and weather condition to grow in. The seeds of hemp flower can flourish, and give healthy results only when they are exposed to a climatic condition suitable for them. Not only this, but they even require specific weather conditions, throughout their life cycle. 

If you are thinking that you can obtain the hemp flower directly and strain your own weed from it, then you are probably unaware of all the cons and the next to nothing pros of the idea. Not only is obtaining hemp flower next to impossible and growing it is illegal, but the process of extracting, smokable or consumable weed is extremely tedious and heavily consumes, both time and money. It is always easier and more feasible to simply buy weed, from your local dealer.

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