A new kind of injection

Beach season is coming up, and that means it’s the time that people will start going to the gym and work out so that they can have the toned bodies for all the swimsuits that they’ll end up wearing. But this is not the only thing that they consider, people will take the colour of their skin into account and try to change that as well. Now there are a couple of methods that people do, one of the most common, sun tanning, or sunbathing, this will give you a major sunburn, you’d be wishing you never did so. The next methods are either sunbeds which use ultraviolent lights, or many people also do spray tans which won’t last a long time. Another method is through tanning injections, it is actually becoming quite popular, and you can get tanning injections for sale even though it is a chemical. 

What is this? 

This is a chemical that was made in a lab to mimic hormones, what it will do is stimulate the darkening of your skin, or the pigmentation as you could say. It is injected into the skin to be transferred into your blood system. You will have to do the injection course almost everyday for about three months, but if you prefer to stop that is also fine. This is a good tanning choice as you can get it done sooner than the other methods and it is more effective, as you won’t be exposed to the UV rays as much as before. 

Where can you get it from?

If you’re looking for tanning injections for sale the best place to look would be the internet. There are tons of website that offer it, and various companies produce it too. However it is extremely difficult to find it in a store, so the easier choice would be to buy it online. Most of the sites will be UK marketed, but most of them ship outside of the UK, so if you live somewhere else then this maybe the perfect option for you. You can also find it on popular sites like Alibaba, or eBay. So if you use those more you can surely find it. 

How much does it cost?

The prices can differ from site to site, usually it will be around £20 for one vial. But most companies offer starter kits as many aren’t used to it, these will cost around £23 to £115, the prices on these are determined on the equipment such as syringes, sterile water, and alcohol wipes. However these are only small purchase, the amounts will increase depending on the number of vials. So if you want more than one you can get it.

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