Tools For Security In Elderly Homes

As you get older, fire-threatening situations can arise suddenly, especially in activities that were previously possible without any problems. For this reason, a variety of tools have been developed to ensure the safety of their users. This avoids potentially life-threatening circumstances, such as an accident in the bathroom, where you can no longer make it to the phone. All in all, these aids ensure safety for those affected and also allow relatives to breathe a sigh of relief. Auxiliatus presents the most important safety aids in the following.

Home Emergency Call

One of the most important tools to ensure security is the home emergency call. A house emergency call system ensures that help arrives as quickly as possible in emergencies. The person concerned then wears a waterproof transmitter that sends a corresponding emergency signal at the push of a button. The respective manufacturer will immediately inform the emergency call center, depending on the agreement, relatives can also be notified. In addition, the different providers offer various packages where additional services can be added, such as secure key storage.

Mobile Emergency Call

The mobile emergency call is not unlike the house emergency call, but differs in that it can also be used outside your own four walls. The mobile emergency call usually also comes as a small transmitter, which is equipped with a corresponding emergency button. An emergency call signal can be sent at the push of a button, the head office is informed, depending on the provider, contact is first made with the person concerned or the appropriate helpers are immediately informed. In itself, the mobile emergency call is a very practical thing, but one should not forget that there is also a risk of a dead zone, where it is not possible to send the emergency call.

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