Learn About the Evolution and Development of CBD

CBD is one of the most reliable, and trusted health care aids to people. It has treated thousands of people who suffered from pain, inflammation, sleep disorders, depression, obesity, and more.

Due to its health benefits, more and more people have started realizing its benefits and using them. We are aware of the therapeutic effects of CBD, but many of us do not know how CBD evolved. In this article, we will discuss about the history of CBD in detail.

How did CBD originate?

CBD has a long history that requires time to understand. It has its roots since the time of ancient civilization. The use was administered for the first time in the Chinese Empire. People in those days used to add it to their food items such as beverages, and meals to reap its benefits.

Due to its increased use, hemp started to cultivate throughout the globe for various objectives such as shoes, medicine, and clothing. For its interesting and important health benefits, Hemp was considered to be a staple everywhere.

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How did hemp paper mills start?

Benjamin Franklin was the one to start the first hemp paper mill in the eighteenth century. This paper mill was started to make the nation self-sufficient so that there is no longer dependency on Britain to obtain the paper. Many popular Dutch painters named Rembrandt and Van Gogh used canvas prepared from hemp.

Evolution of Hemp

An Irishman, named William O’Shaughnessy brought the natural compound in front of a global audience in the scientific community in the year 1839. He did that by writing the first academic paper that called attention towards cannabis and how could it be used for medicine.

In 1963, the complete three-dimensional structure of CBD was discovered by Mechoulam. Fully isolating CBD provided the experience of THC free CBD to people. The endocannabinoid system got invented in the late 1980s. At that time, scientists had found two CBD receptors within the bodies!

How did CBD flourish in America?

Looking at the paper, and clothing benefits, George Washington, the founding father of America, cultivated huge amounts of the hemp plant in his backyard. Moreover, due to being strong fiber, paper made from Hemp was used to write The Declaration of Independence.

The main objective of the government was to produce more hemp and make it available at a low cost. To accomplish this objective, farmers were provided a license to cultivate hemp to the maximum possible extent.


So, by understanding the history of CBD, we have known that CBD has been used by our ancestors. It is not an innovative medical treatment. It originated from ancient China and spread to various countries in the world. This information showed us the magnificent nature of CBD and how it has been revered for ages.

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