Can I have a lap band after gastric bypass surgery?

Reducing weight is a challenging thing. You can ask the person who has tried to lose weight. Every weight reduction program has barriers to reducing weight via exercise pills, diet, or surgery.

Nothing can be more annoying than gaining weight again, for which you have worked extremely hard to lose. For some patients who experience a gastric bypass procedure, this is the situation. At first, patients who have undergone gastric bypass surgery lose weight successfully. But there are some patients who ultimately start to regain the weight they have lost. Since it hinders their health and weight loss objectives, it does not mean that the journey is finished. Pick the top therapeutic center for an effective lap band surgery in New Mexico.

Gastric bypass procedure

It is a widespread bariatric surgery performed in the United States and other countries too. Gastric bypass procedures can be life-saving for eligible patients. This type of bariatric surgery has resolved numerous ailments associated with obesity, including sleep apnea, asthma, type 2 diabetes, etc. Patients with a body mass index of 30 or above are considered the appropriate candidates for gastric bypass surgery.

There are two parts of this surgery:

  • Malabsorptive: The food is made to bypass part of the intestine (small). It results in less food absorption.
  • Restrictive: The stomach is transformed from the shape of a football to the shape of a golf ball. This is often known as a gastric pouch. With a tiny stomach, patients feel full very fast, making them eat less. This method is called restrictive as the tiny stomach restricts food consumption.

Lap band after gastric bypass

Adding a flexible lap band to bypass surgery is also known as “band over bypass.”It is a new procedure as compared to other surgeries. Besides, it has proven to be efficient for many patients in re-starting weight loss, while the gastric bypass is no longer the best option.

Lap band surgery in New Mexico after a gastric bypass is simply setting a LAGB in a patient who has previously undergone gastric bypass surgery. A LAGB is an inflatable ring placed at the top of the stomach to help make you full and pleased while having your meals. The band’s tightness and adjustability can be set at diverse levels for the specific requirements of every patient.

Keep exploring to find out about the gastric sleeve stomach size after surgery.

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