Across the world, both professionals and wine amateurs like attending or participating in online wine auctions. Online wine auctions are considered one of the most acceptable ways to acquire premium wines at meager costs.

The internet’s worst drawback is the number of online scams. A cold, impersonal world exists on the internet. In light of this, are all online wine auctions reliable? Definitely not. You must conduct thorough due diligence and research on the potential auction house. Consult online forums, ask around, and draw on your internet expertise. Reputable merchants and auction companies are best to use. Crurated is everything you require if you’re looking for a trustworthy and reputable online wine platform!

Additionally, ensure you learn everything you can about the wine’s former owners and condition. Check out separate valuation opinions on the item or goods you’re now considering. If you’re new to this world or trying to understand online wine auctions to get the best wine bottle at an affordable rate, this article is for you! This article will discover several online wine auction dos and don’ts and some things to consider before opting for online wine auctions.


Before starting an online wine auction, there are a few things you should consider:

  • Before putting the wines up for auction, every reputable online wine auction agency will thoroughly assess them. It covers their storage practices, storage locations, and bottle condition. They’ll take into account things like the label’s form and the bottle’s level of filling. But you will not be able to predict the taste of wine. It won’t be apparent how old it is and whether the cork is damaged. In this way, as a bidder, you consent to buy the bottle “as is.”
  • There is no tasting with internet auctions, so old wines have an acquired taste. You won’t be able to sample that costly old wine before buying it. Ensure you’ve tested a similar variety before bidding significant sums of money on ancient wines rather than blindly. Older wine has an entirely different taste than more recent vintages. Quality aged wine bottles will have oak that has blended in, tannins that have mellowed, and fruit tastes that have softened. Avoid choosing aged wines if your palette isn’t accustomed to them.
  • Emailing the auctioneers is okay. Even if we’re discussing online auctions, the crew takes these matters seriously. A quality online auction business would employ knowledgeable staff members and wine experts. These experts can answer any inquiries you might have about wine promptly. You do not need to be specific in your queries. Please feel free to email the auctioneers with any queries.
  • If you’re accustomed to receiving your Amazon Prime orders in a day, don’t anticipate the same speed in online wine auctions. In actuality, you shouldn’t expect to receive your delivery this week. Certain auction houses can take a few weeks to deliver your ordered wine. It is always better to receive an entire wine bottle than a damaged one due to fast delivery.

Now you know what are the things you should know before opting for online wine auctions. You should also know the dos and don’ts while bidding. Keep on reading to learn more!


While bidding in online wine auctions, knowing some do’s, and don’ts is necessary to ensure your bids and be safe financially is necessary.

  • DO consider the buyer’s premium before making a purchase
  • DO be aware that wines are sold “as-is.”
  • DO search for vintages that may not have received favorable initial reviews
  • DO remember that older (and very older) wines won’t drink the same as recent releases.
  • DO ask auctioneers questions about lots before placing a bid by email.
  • DO NOT bid on mixed lots.
  • DO NOT anticipate receiving your wines the same week you place your order.


This article should have made it easier for you to understand and destigmatize online wine auctions.

Online wine auctions aren’t the best places to find collector wines, but you can still locate the most costly bottles there. You should begin adjusting your wine bidding requirements to the web environment as the world swiftly moves to an online environment. Start by bidding on good drinking wine if you’re hesitant to purchase collector-level wine online.

And if you’re seeking the greatest and most dependable online wine auction platform, you’re welcome to the world of Crurated’s top-notch online wine auctions.

For many years, Crurated has successfully conducted online wine auctions. These auctions have a history of handling faraway places through their online wine auctions since they have always drawn in wine bidders from outside the immediate area. Curated is the site where you’ll most likely find the rarest wines if you’re looking for them.

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