Full Understanding of the fertility Issues

Too often the right hormones, sperm stimulation, in vitro fertilization and facilitating implantation are not enough.

1: 6 couples have an unfulfilled desire for children and needs more than 2 years to become pregnant. The chance of success of active fertility trajectories is around 30%. Going for IVF therefore offers no certainty. Improving your starting position by first investing in optimizing your health, self-confidence and a strong relationship is a wise choice.

But in this phase it is difficult to make a choice. You prefer that it goes ‘naturally’. After the first frustrating months there is sometimes a phase in which you try to ‘let it go’. By focusing your attention on something else, for example a new house or new job, you hope that the tension diminishes and your chances increase. Together with vacation or weekend breaks you help to have fun together. Just to enjoy the freedom that you still have without children and that your young parents see lacking around you. At least you can still sleep late on a Sunday morning.

But with every new message about a friend who has a child you can feel the tension increase. More and more often you lie awake for a while, thinking that it might not work out. And ask yourself the question, what now? Check for more info about the subject now.

Healthy Body – Healthy Mind

Your body is designed for experiencing pleasure, enjoyment, fertility, movement, strength and well-being. You are destined to blossom. It is to be able to make vital, powerful contributions to the lives of yourself and others around you.

  • Your health is strongly influenced by the culture in which you live, your position in that culture, your experiences, daily thoughts, beliefs and behavior.
  • You can choose to experience well-being, instead of waiting for an inevitable illnessregardless of your individual circumstances, your past or your age. Each of us has the inner guidance at her disposal that she can use immediately to achieve optimal health. We are born with this andyou too.

This inner guidance comes in the form of feelings and desires that lead you to things and thoughts that feel good and are good for you. And away from things that consume energy and do you lack. You are made to experience love, joy, satisfaction and health. Through your desires you will be offered a direction based on your self-healing capacity. These desires encourage you to get out of bed, to hope, to dream and to take action.They are the key to true health of body and mind.

Illness as a Messenger

Illness can be seen as a way of the body to reflect on your true desires and needs.The confrontation with a disorder or a misunderstood complaint forces you to think about what is really important to you.

What makes your life meaningful

By learning about nutrition, and the influence of your daily circumstances and relationships on your fertility, you will gain insight into the causes of your personal suffering and what you can do about it. The thoughts, beliefs, and behavioral patterns that affect your condition daily are an important key to creating optimal health and fertility.

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