The ultimate guide to knowing about the types of CBD vape cartridges and their contents

The CBD vape cartridges are attaining its rapid growth and popularity among the new cannabis consumers. This is because of the qualities of cartridges like portability, discreet and usually having less pungent. These qualities make the cartridges to be the top-selling products in the world. In this article, you will get to know about the types of cartridges and their inner components. So stay on this page and read the following content.

Types of cartridges

The CBD vape cartridges are divided into two main types. They are 

  • Low-quality vape cartridges
  • High-quality vape cartridges

Low-quality vape cartridges

The low-quality CBD vape cartridges are normally made up of plastics. This is because the terpenes can penetrate the plastic and also the plastics can leach the chemicals from the oil. The low-quality vape cartridges will be made from the poor quality or ill-fitting O-rings. The O-rings have the chance of getting leaked. It has pre-moistened wicks that are primed with glycerin or propylene glycol which will cause some allergic reactions to the users. It also has a higher consumer return rate and will drive the customers who have experienced the lackluster.

High-quality vape cartridges

The high-quality CBD vape cartridges are made from premium materials like glass, metal or even with ceramics. Unlike Low-quality vape cartridge, it has properly fitted O-rings So the leaking can be avoided. The high-quality vape cartridges have sealed joints for the prevention of contact between the air and cartridge contents. So it is recommended to make use of the high quality 1000mg vape cartridge for usage as it provides no leakage.

Contents of cartridges

Consumers must know about the ingredients of the cartridges. The contents of the cartridges are listed below.

Cannabis-derived terpenes

The cannabis terpenes will be obtained from cannabis. The products that are produced from the terpenes contain a high percentage of monoterpenes which will not undergo oxidation or degradation by the heat.

Steam distilled terpenes

The steam-distilled terpenes have good taste than the extracted terpenes. It will be lost in the water and used to produce steam.


It is the byproduct of steam-distilled terpenes and low heat distillations. This is also called floral waters that are essential for the vape oils.

Non-cannabis derived terpenes

Here the terpenes are directly obtained from the plant leaves, fruits or other organic sources and not from cannabis. By doing the gross approximation you can get the non-cannabis derived terpenes.

Artificial flavors

There are so many artificial flavors used in the vape cartridges. The common question that arises among the majority of people is consumer safety. The commonly used artificial flavor is diacetyl which harms the lungs.

Last few words

From the above article, you will get to know about the types of 1000mg vape cartridges and their contents. So make use of this article and gain information about cartridges and choose wisely.

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