Eye surgery – eyelid and eye correction surgery

Without eyes, no one can see this world and colors. So it would be best if you take care of your eyes. Many people get irritated by their low eyesight. They are using spectacles for many years. After some years, they think about the surgery of the eyes, but then it gets late. Usually, young people go for eye surgery, and that surgery is about the removal of spectacles and helps in correct eyesight. Many people prefer double eyelid surgery (ทำตาสองชั้น which is the term in Thai) in cosmetics to lift their eyelids.

Eye correction Surgery

Eye correction surgery is done to correct the eyesight. People who have weak eyesight they prefer eye correction surgery. This surgery is done through laser, which is called Lasik laser. This procedure is not so hard. The patient has to take proper care of the eyes after surgery. In this surgery, doctors reshape the curvature eyes clear the cornea and enter the light rays. They insert the lenses surgically into the eyes and refocus the rays, which sharpen vision. Different forms of Lasik are there:

  • Bladeless LASEK
  • Epi LASIK
  • PRK or Wavefront LASIdK

You should be the right candidate for this surgery. If you are having diabetes or other diseases, then it is difficult to heal the wound. And a pregnant woman should not undergo surgery because hormonal changes take place.

Eyelid surgery

People prefer eyelid surgery to lift the eyelid. Women prefer it for youthful experience and to raise the wrinkles. Sometimes there may be medical reasons; it helps to improve appearance. Due to normal aging, eyelid falls, and people correct it through surgery. In cosmetic surgery, there are eye bag surgery, eyelift or eyelid surgery, etc. Moreover, if your eyelids are small, then you should go for eyelid surgery, which helps in extend the crease of eyes and remove the excess fats above eyes.

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