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The world’s trends support that ideal that having a chiseled and proportional jawline could be sign of good health or a fit body. But that is not always true, many healthy individuals struggle with getting a contoured jawline. The elder individuals in the race face this problem demographically as compared to others. The jowls and loose skin around the area could be annoying and destroy the person’s self-esteem. People who are predisposed with such a problem despite being the fittest don’t have to loosen all the hope. There are various rescue options for such conundrums. One of the most popular choices to go for is the jawline enhancement surgery.

What are the two options for jaw line enhancement?

All because of the advancement in modern medical or surgical procedure there have been many breakthroughs regarding the procedure.

There are two basic categorizations to jaw enhancement also known as orthognathic surgery:

NON-SURGICAL OPTIONS: recommended with patients with mild to moderate concerns or complications with the fat volume obscuring the jaw line can play safe and go for non-surgical procedures which are minimally invasive. Some of the non-surgical options available are as follows:

  1. dermal fillers for the jawline
  2. neurotoxins for the masseteric muscles of the face and neck
  3. Kybele for the neck
  4. surgical threads to deal with loose skin

SURGICAL OPTIONS: For moderate to bigger complications when the skin underneath the neck is sags too much, liposuction that is fat removal through a tube that vacuums it out should be considered. Some of the surgical ways to go about are as follows:

  1. neck liposuction
  2. neck lift
  3. radiofrequency energy

It is recommended to your research before going under the blade.

Facial enhancement surgery is no doubt a risk task both for the doctor and the patient. However, with an experienced professional the risk reduces considerably. Hence, it is advised to consult a reputed clinic such as getting Jaw surgery in Yanhee hospital[ตัดกราม ยันฮี, which is the term in thai]know more about the procedure and cost, a simple google search can provide sufficient research material for an interested individual.


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