Medical Marijuana Card Perks In Recreational States

Marijuana legalization has been a hotly debated subject for years, and now, more than ever before, an increasing number of governments are accepting cannabis for use in both recreational and medical settings. Despite this, there is a possibility that some people will be reluctant to apply for a medical marijuana card if their state also allows for the use of marijuana for recreational purposes. Even in states where the recreational use of marijuana is legal, having a medicinal marijuana card offers several advantages that we will discuss in this article.

Increased Access To Marijuana

In Louisiana, having a medical marijuana card provides significant benefits, including the ability to purchase and possess larger quantities of cannabis than recreational users. With a medical marijuana renewal Louisiana, cardholders can buy up to eight ounces of cannabis per day, compared to only one ounce for recreational users. Furthermore, medical marijuana users can grow more plants at home than recreational users, with the option to request 99 plant growers’ recommendations, surpassing the limit of six plants per year for recreational users.

Reduced Expenses

While both recreational and medical marijuana products are subject to taxes, medical marijuana users can save money on their purchases. In many states, recreational marijuana products are subject to higher taxes than medical products, causing the price of recreational products to skyrocket. Therefore, if you buy marijuana regularly, you may end up saving a significant amount of money by obtaining an MMJ card.

Access To Higher Potency Products

Medical marijuana cardholders have access to higher potency levels of medical marijuana than recreational users. This is because recreational cannabis retailers are required to adhere to certain potency limits, while medical marijuana dispensaries can offer more potent products to patients. Medical marijuana users may require higher levels of CBD or THC to treat their symptoms effectively. In Louisiana, recreational users are limited to edibles containing no more than 100mg of THC and tinctures and lotions containing no more than 1000mg of THC, while medical users can access products with higher potency levels.

Fewer Restrictions For The Elderly

In most states, cannabis possession and consumption are illegal for individuals under 21 years old. However, medical marijuana users are not prohibited from possessing or using cannabis for medicinal purposes, and most states allow medical users 18 or older to use cannabis for medical purposes as long as they meet all requirements. When it comes to using marijuana as medicine, there are almost no age restrictions.

Access To Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

Medical marijuana dispensaries offer a more extensive range of products and professional assistance compared to recreational dispensaries. With an MMJ card, patients can easily shop at medical dispensaries for products recommended for their specific condition. In contrast, recreational users may have difficulty deciding which product to purchase, given the variety of strains and products available in a recreational dispensary. Having an MMJ card can help you get assistance from a medical doctor or cannabis coach in choosing the right product for your needs.

More Protection Under The Law

Finally, medical marijuana users have more protection under the law than recreational users. In most states, employers cannot discriminate against employees who use medical marijuana, and landlords cannot refuse to rent to medical marijuana users. Additionally, medical marijuana users have more legal protections when it comes to the possession and cultivation of cannabis.


Numerous benefits come with having a medicinal marijuana card in a legal state, from increased access to marijuana to lower costs and higher potency products. Furthermore, medical marijuana users have more legal protections than recreational users. If you are considering using marijuana for medicinal purposes, consult with a qualified doctor and consider obtaining an MMJ card to take advantage of these benefits.

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