Optimum AC performance and good indoor air quality

High quality and fully functional air conditioners circulate and filter the air; removing pollutants and mold from the air simultaneously provides a comfortable, clean, and healthy atmosphere at home or workplace. With the ever-increasing pollution, it becomes utmost important to maintain good indoor air quality so that the occupants can enjoy fresh and germ-free air and prevent health condition related to poor air quality such as headaches, dizziness, and fatigue, irritation of your eyes, respiratory conditions, heart disease, etc.  Installation of UVC lamp in front of the evaporator coil of the Air Handling Unit can improve airflow and heat-transfer efficiency.

Ensure a safe environment

In today’s fast and hectic lifestyle, most of the people ignore the importance of cleaning the coil of the AC. Cleaning the exterior portion of the AC is quite easy, but keeping the interior parts clean is no cakewalk.  With the UVC lamp, you can get rid of manual cleaning of the coil with disinfectant and other chemicals. The UV light system will automatically clean the biofilm on the coil.  Regular maintenance ensures that your condenser coils stay in good working condition and perform optimum. Accumulation of harmful airborne microorganisms and biofilm on the coil will not only reduce the quality of air but will make the coil work hard to flow the air, consequently result in a high utility bill.

Get relevant information

Apparently, with the right UVS system, you can maintain good air quality, enhance the lifestyle of your HVAC system, and cut maintenance and utility costs. But before making any purchase decision evaluate the reputation and credibility of the UV light dealer. Get the quote from a few reliable dealers and then choose the best deal. Nowadays, UV light is becoming a popular choice of other traditional methods of disinfection. 

Read instruction

To safeguard, UV light technology read the instruction of operation and maintenance. Bring the best technology, home, or workplace and enhance the quality of life.

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