Read this to know how stress takes a toll on your health:

Everybody is in a constant race with themselves. This generation of people feels like they are competing with everyone else in their field. Due to the fear of losing their goals, such people start to put too much pressure on themselves. They forget that their primary purpose should be to enjoy the journey as they go. It is quite understandable why most people go through health problems like anxiety disorder and even depression. When you neglect the calling of your body in the name of superficial achievements, then it badly reflects on your health, be it mental or physical. This is why people should be told to pause for a moment and reflect on their life. When you are old, the only thing that you will look behind would be the memories of the people you love and the journey you had been on.

It’s real when people say you are what you eat:

When you are young, you do not pay attention to your health and consume a large pizza with a can of coke, solely. At that time, it doesn’t make sense for people that they are just deteriorating their health and will regret it later. It is good to have a junk diet once in a while unless you are binge eating every day.

Consume something healthy every day:

You are not required to stick to a strict diet plan if that’s tough for you. Just adding one thing to your diet every healthy day is sufficient at first. Start with some kind of a healthy drink like fermented kombucha tea [ชา หมัก คอม บูชา, which is the term in Thai] which will benefit you enormously. As it is only tea, therefore it will be easier to start your journey towards a healthy diet. It has a lot of benefits, and it is rich in probiotic bacteria, which will result in improving your digestion.

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