Spoil Yourself with an At-Home Spa Using Essential Oil 

Having an at-home spa using essential oils is an amazing way to relax and rewind. You should give an at-home spa a try although it may not be as effective as getting an actual spa from a salon, it works just as great. And I can assure you that you’ll love it. We all need to do a little bit of self-pampering and self-loving, and there are different ways to do this, one simple way is by trying an at-home spa. 

However, if you are dabbling into the area of the at-home spa for the first time, you will need to get the essential items that you need and love. An at-home Spa with your favorite Essential Oils will be a great way to relax and rewind. So, if you’re craving some time to yourself to alter your soul and your skin, below are some easy hacks and tricks that you can follow. 

Start with your SPA Water 

Entering your bathroom, the first thing you notice is water… So let’s create a Spa-Water for your muscles relaxation by just adding some refreshing cucumber and lemons in it. And you can do some creativity by just slicing up your favorite fruit, adding them to your water, and let it chill out in the chilly box (fridge) for an hour or two to improvise its flavor. You can then sip on this water as you get on with the spa. 

Your Diffusers & Favorite Essential Oils

The next step is to set a tone for your at-home spa with a little fragrance of aromatherapy. To do this, most people use scented candles, but you can opt for a diffuser especially if you are super sensitive to fragrance. Put a few drops of your favorite essential oil in the diffuser, sit back and relax. But if you don’t have any diffusers, then you can spray your favorite home fragrance around your space to get the same essence. If you do not have an essential oil or a diffuser, get yours from Young Living Essential Oil

Try Body Scrub

Now, your vibe for your at-home spa is all set. So, focus on getting into a relaxed mindset, it’s time for your therapies. First, know that using a body scrub while in the shower or bath will exfoliate your skin and cut off dead skin cells from your body. And that’ll make your skin feel so smooth and glowy. If you don’t have any of the body scrubs, you can always make one by mixing crush sugar and your carrier oil and a few drops of your favorite essential oil to exfoliate after using your body wash.

Apply Your Body Oil

Now that your skin is smooth and soft, it’s time to dab on applying body oil. If your skin is really dry, or rough, or if you try this out in the winter season, then you can also layer your favorite body butter as a topping. Some people love creating their own blend to use as a body oil. 

Time for Facial Steamer

The next step to make your skin feel relaxed is to use the facial steamer. You can generally use this right after cleansing your skin to soothe up any leftover filth, oil, and dead skin cells. 

Now Use Your Favorite Face Mask

In the end, what would a spa be without a face mask? So, the last step is to use your favorite face mask to give a final touch to your skin and set some cucumbers on your eyelids to make them relax. 

Those are some of my essentials for an at-home spa day or night or at your preferred time. As we’re lingering at home more these days, it’s great to be able to have such experiences that make you feel a lot better on the inside and out. And remember, to put on some relaxing music.

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