What Can You Not Do After Getting BOTOX®?


After undergoing Botox treatment in Calgary, there are certain things you must observe to ensure that the treatment lasts forever. These don’ts will go a long way in making sure that your investment in Botox in Calgary is worthwhile.

Given this, what are the things you cannot do after getting Botox in Calgary? These include the following:

· Don’t take blood-thinning medications

After receiving the Botox injection, you must not take any blood thinner as the medication can affect the result of the Botox. Before you start using blood-thinning medications after the treatment, you should consult your physician. If you are using the services of a seasoned expert to get Botox in Calgary, you can also get professional recommendations about using any medications from them.

· Don’t lie down on your face

For the first three or four hours after taking Botox injections, you must avoid lying down on your face. This is because lying down on your face can make the Botox shift from one part of the face to another.

· Don’t expose yourself to excessive heat

Botox injections often lead to swelling and redness around the treated areas. Don’t undergo sunbathing or heat lamp procedures until you are certain that the swelling and redness have disappeared from your face.

· Avoid workout or strenuous physical activities

It is important to allow the Botox to settle into the treated areas for some periods so that the results can last. If you are working out and undergoing any strenuous physical activities, the injection may shift to other places; hence, affecting the desired results. Therefore, you should avoid working out or doing any strenuous physical activities for the first 24 hours after the procedure.

· Don’t massage the treated area

After the injection, you are likely going to be uncomfortable for some periods. As a result of this, you may want to rub or massage the injection site. Nonetheless, this will hamper the results as your skin will not be able to recover from the treatments. Also, massaging or rubbing the injection site can cause unwanted movement which will further affect the treatment.

· Don’t touch the injection site

Apart from massaging, you must also not touch the injection site. Touching it can also make the Botox to move to another site; thereby, reducing its effects.

· Avoid taking too much alcohol

If you used to take alcohol regularly, you have to stop the habit for some periods to ensure that the Botox performs its functions effectively. Taking too much alcohol before or after getting Botox can lead to undesired reactions like bruising. So, it is recommended that you avoid taking any alcohol for some days before and after the Botox procedure.

You must always remember that Botox injection requires a couple of sessions and can be costly. As a result of this, you must take action that can make the results last for a long. Therefore, you must follow the tips above to learn everything you must not do after getting Botox in Calgary.


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