Essential Supports for the Proper Non Contract Thermometers: The Right Solutions

This method is the most reliable because it is the one which precisely gives the core temperature of the body.

The oral route:

It consists in placing the clean probe of a classic or electronic thermometer under the tongue making sure to close your mouth and breathe through your nose. The patient should be at rest and not have had a hot or cold drink. Likewise, it is better not to have ingested food just before taking the temperature. Wait 3 minutes and remove it to read on the graduations or the digital screen.  Clean the thermometer after use.

If you are using a conventional thermometer and due to its breakable glass sheath, this method is not recommended for children under the age of five, who may bite the measuring instrument. A temperature normal by oral route is between 35.7 ° C and 37.3 ° C. Beyond this threshold, you have a fever. For such measurements in the Covid situation you need to make use of the Non-contact thermometer buy now.

This method is less reliable than the previous one, but it is commonly used by the English.

The axillary approach:

It consists of placing the disinfected probe of a conventional or electronic thermometer under the armpit and well in the center, taking care to place the arm well against the torso to prevent air from passing. If you have opted for a conventional thermometer, it will first need to be shaken well so that the liquid drops below 34 ° C. Hold the thermometer in place for 4 minutes. Remove it and read the result.

A body temperature Normal by axillary is between 35.2 ° C and 36.7 ° C. Finally, this method is not very reliable due to the air that passes under the armpits. It can intervene initially, but will have to be checked by another way (rectal or tympanic) in the slightest doubt.

The tympanic route:

This consists, after having read the instructions for your ear thermometer and fitted it with a new clean single-use tip, to gently insert the probe into the ear canal. Take care to pull the pinna lightly both upwards and backwards in order to position it correctly and obtain an accurate measurement. Then press the button on the device and keep the button pressed for a few seconds. At the beep, remove the thermometer and read the result displayed on the screen.

A temperature normal by tympanic route is between 35.8 ° C and 38 ° C. Discard the tip after use.

This method is reliable, but it is recommended to repeat the temperature measurement three times to be sure of the result.

However, be aware that the possible presence of an earwax plug may distort the result.


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