Making the Best Solutions for pharmaceutical value based selling

On the other hand, there are a number of health institutions which could also bring their expertise in this direction. 

Evidence-based medicine 

Evidence-based medicine (MBD) is enriching personal clinical experience with the best evidence existing at that time, evidence resulting from systematic research and values patient. The best available clinical evidence the result (s) of a relevant study, often from the basic fields of medicine, but especially from clinical research focused on patient or on the accuracy and precision of the tests diagnostic (including clinical examination), strength prognostic indicators, efficiency and safety therapeutic, rehabilitation or preventive. Obtaining new evidence through clinical research may result in the invalidation of diagnostic tests and previously accepted treatments and replacement with new, stronger, more efficient and safer. In case of pharmaceutical value based selling this is important.

Personal clinical experience refers to the patience that the clinician acquires throughout his professional activity, to evaluate the particular situation of each patient, to establish with Accuracy diagnosis and make the right decision on patient care. Patient values refer to preferences, concerns and expectations which must be taken into account in clinical decision, if they are useful to him. When these three elements are integrated, the doctor and the patient form a “team” in support of the diagnosis and treatment, leading to the optimization of results and increase the quality of life. 

The Right Choice

MBD can address any of thence: establishing the diagnosis, estimating the prognosis determining the best treatment, determining possible side effects, providing caret the highest quality standard. Arguments in favor of MBD: 

  1. New types of evidence have emerged that can it must lead to important changes in care patient.
  2. Most of the time, medical practitioners do not manage to reach the existing relevant evidence.
  3. Both knowledge and clinical performance are decreases over time as a result of constant lack information. 
  4. Traditional medical education programs continue to fail to improve clinical goals. 
  5. Practicing MBD can be a means by which doctors to update their information. 

Evidence-based cared provides clinicians with tools to find, understand and use evidence from research that they are scientifically valid and usable clinical. MBD can also be used successfully in education continuous medical training of family doctors, training which lasts a lifetime. These forms of knowledge change over time, but 3 items change faster: 

  • The context of care
  • Human biology
  • Clinical research 

The annual volume of new medical knowledge, in which of these areas, is very large, exceeding the mental capacity of a man. No one it can encompass them all. That’s why we need it of methods for selecting a relatively small amount of new knowledge in each field, those who deserves attention. 


After completing the formal training, the doctors from primary care are in two situations in which the evidence from clinical research can be learned and integrated: when trying to keep upend when trying to solve the patient’s problems. Although there are overlaps between these two situations differ depending on how that we emphasize or plan our training.


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