Glo – Online Yoga Classes Change Scope

The modern development of online content has been solely directed by the turnout of its contributors. Vying the support of a general population is strongly decided by the efforts placed into marketing, setting a trend, and advancing upon existing content. One of the major spaces were this technical design works best is within the world of physical fitness. Physical fitness applications and classes have been steadily increasing their scope via online platforms. Streaming content has become the method of choice for the general population. Creating on-demand content and sources are helping to move the implement curve and increase the number of streams a company has at its disposal. Glo is a company that has worked to implement online yoga classes in ways that are far ahead of their times.

Glo works to redefine the way online delivery is handled. Content is scaled to meet the needs of the consumer, tailoring a web design that pairs the consumer with their desired content. The user takes a brief survey that is used to gauge the different types of programs that would match their needs. By implementing the idea of pairing interests with routines, Glo can better determine which online yoga classes would suit the individual. This is also specialized in a custom format, creating that one-on-one and exclusivity that is desired by the user. Each time Glo pairs a user with a program, the user feels as if they have a personal assistant that is working towards their betterment.

The reduction of strings also helps to work in the advantage of the consumer. This online yoga classes application allows the user to sign-up for different packages or work from a month-by-month payment format. This reduces the need to make deposits or have an overhead of payouts surrounding your contributions. Keeping the balance in finances helps to remove some of the guesswork that is often associated with online classes and applications. The balance on the financial side works well with the design of a streaming service. No longer is the consumer left guessing at the payment amount or the account fees that come with a gym membership.

The platform also works well to scale the offers for contributors. Instructors are carried from regions all around the globe. Glo works to provide the materials needed to get a start-up company or brand their limelight. By applying for work via the Glo brand, instructors are left with an endless opportunity platform. They can pre-record their own courses or live to stream their events on their own terms. Glo contracts these employees, but the marketing contingencies are left off the table. This allows the instructor to create their own forms of advertisement and expressionism. Reducing the ties that bind a person to the brand helps to increase the overall start-up design and influences the instructor to become their own boss. Increasing the idea of the entrepreneurial spirit and working it into what the brand stands for is something that is moving Glo in positive directions. Users can also hand-select the instructor they wish to embark on their journey with, creating that sense of one-on-one peace of mind and placing an interactive, meaningful design deeply into the brand. This platform is helping people find their source of inspiration and working to make new leaders out of their entrepreneurial design.

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