How Much Does Gender Reassignment Cost In Thailand

Depending on the popularity of the clinic and the quality of its services, patients can count on a large number of amounts. Here is some list of prices:

  • Vaginoplasty using penis inversion – 270 thousand baht;
  • Vaginoplasty in the form of a sigmoid – from 370 thousand baht;
  • Metoidioplasty – 300 thousand baht;
  • Phalloplasty (general) – 640 thousand baht:
  • First stage – 265 thousand;
  • The next three are 125 thousand

The Kamol Cosmetic Hospital offers an entire complex in which a woman is turned into a man for the price of one million baht. These include removal of the breast and uterus, restoration of the urethra. If the customer wants to include phalloplasty in this complex, the price is 1.3 million baht. A man can order a punitive reversal operation for 320 thousand baht. The cost of the sigma vaginoplasty is 520 thousand baht.

At Yanhee Hospital, a patient can order surgery at the following prices:

  • Penalty reversal – 240 thousand baht;
  • Vaginoplasty using the sigmoid method – 320 thousand baht;
  • Phalloplasty (general) – 590 thousand baht:
  • First stage – 155 thousand;
  • The second is 186 thousand;
  • The third is 250 thousand baht.

The price may vary depending on some additional condition guide values ​​for the amounts.

Sex reassignment surgery Thailand is a common practice. Locals only rank third in the number of operations in the country. Leading positions include foreigners. Thailand offers patients high quality and affordable gender change services. It is important to pay attention to all operating conditions and to choose the most suitable clinic.

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